Fruit, Vegetable, & Tomato Knife

Great for paring, cutting, and slicing, a vegetable knife is great for celery, carrots, scallions, and removing corn from the cob. The fruit knife can fulfill a wide range of food preparation needs with the typically softer flesh of foods like peaches and apples, while the tomato knife is specialized to process the fruit with which it shares part of its name. These knives are generally between 3- and 8-inches long, and their long, flat or slightly curved blades let cooks slice produce into uniform pieces.

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Winco TSC-2
Winco TSC-2 Tomato Corer

KaTom #: 080-TSC2

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$2.37 / Dozen
Update TSC-4
Update TSC-4 4" Tomato Stem Corer

KaTom #: 370-TSC4

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$0.49 / Pair
Update EGU-1
Update EGU-1 Pro-Grip Tomato Stem Corer

KaTom #: 370-EGU1

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$1.69 / Each
Focus 8650
Focus 8650 Mezzaluna, 6-1/2"L, Single Blade

KaTom #: 268-8650

$45.71 / Set of 6
Winco VP305
Winco VP305 8" Apple Corer w/ Soft Grip Handle

KaTom #: 080-VP305

$3.07 / Each
Vollrath 1401
Vollrath 1401 Tomato Corer - Scooper

KaTom #: 175-1401

$66.33 / Pack of 24
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