Comparing Turbochef's Quick-Cooking Technologies

Comparing Turbochef Oven Technology

Each of Turbochef's high-speed ovens combines multiple cooking technologies into compact equipment able to cook made-to-order dishes much faster than any traditional piece of equipment. The resulting ovens are suitable for venues as varied as pubs, sandwich shops, concession stands, bowling allies, and even full-service restaurants. This equipment gives operators the ability to add whole new sections to their menus, offering favorites like pizzas, sandwiches, French fries, and many appetizers without the need to prepare those items ahead of time.

The following table compares several popular TurboChef models and lists which technologies each includes. For a deeper comparison of these models, see our piece on comparing TurboChef Technologies, and for help choosing the best TurboChef oven based on the venue you operate, check out our article on supercharging your menu with TurboChef.

Technologies Used

Time to Cook

ImpingementMicrowaveInfrared6-in. Sub8-in. parbaked pizza
TORNADO 2***35 sec1 min 25 sec
Bullet***35 secn/a
Encore***35 secn/a
C3** 45 sec2 min 10 sec
I3** 1 min 10 sec3 min
SOTA** 50 sec1 min 15 sec
HIGH H BATCH 2*  1.5 min3 min

Understanding the Benefits of Each TurboChef Cooking Technology

Turbochef builds three different cooking methods into its ovens in different combinations. Each brings its own specific benefits to the table.

  • Microwave: Like your microwave oven at home, these TurboChef high-speed ovens generate high-energy microwaves that stimulate water molecules in food to create heat instantly. Always coupled with one or more additional cooking methods to promote surface browning, microwave technology is what gives Turbochef ovens their blazing speeds.
  • Impingement: Impingement is created by forcing heated air through small perforations to create hot jets that hit, or "impinge", on food at a high velocity, heating it much more quickly than a conventional oven. This technology provides many of the same benefits as a convection oven, but at much faster speeds. Impingement is a well-rounded technology that can heat food to its center while promoting surface browning.
  • Infrared: Employing the same technology as a broiler, infrared heat is intense and direct. It heats the surface of food items to promote quick browning and create crispy crusts. Infrared heat can be used independently to melt cheese and finish dishes or together with microwave or impingement to give foods an appealing and attractive surface texture.