TurboChef Ovens Give Restaurant Menus a Boost

TurboChef High-Speed Oven

TurboChef high-speed ovens open up whole new worlds of possibility for restaurant menus, combining technologies that have traditionally been used separately to create a new class of equipment. Using different combinations of convection, impingement, and microwave radiation, these ovens build on the strengths of each technology to enable speeds that are unattainable with any single technology. And, they do so while maintaining foods' desirable taste and texture.

The Café

The narrow profit margins on traditional coffee shop offerings like drinks and pastries mean it's important for many operators to explore items that can boost their bottom lines and provide a more robust selection for their patrons to choose from. The TuboChef Sǒta is perfect for adding those hot menu items that can get patrons into your café for more than their morning jolt.

The Sǒta is particularly adept at cooking breakfast sandwiches, which it can take from cold to ready-to-serve in less than a minute. This oven comes preprogrammed for popular menu items, and those settings are customizable and transferrable from a PC with the Smart Card interface.

In addition to being versatile, the TurboChef Sǒta oven is also compact. With coffee shop counter space often limited, its footprint is just 16 inches wide, and it requires only two inches of clearance on each side.

If you want to take your sandwich game up a notch and begin serving your own signature panini, there's a version of this model specifically for that purpose. The TurboChef Panini oven features a panini grill platter that imparts classic grill marks while heating the sandwich all the way through to create a premium sandwich. Plus, the Panini oven is capable of doing everything that the regular Sǒta can.

The Pub

Like coffee shop owners, pub operators often struggle to find ways to get customers to stop in for more than just a drink. Classic pub fare like pizza, chicken wings, and fries is an effective way to get groups into your establishment for dinner or a late-night snack, and it doesn't take large, expensive equipment to get those items on your menu.

TurboChef's High h Conveyor 1618 gets frozen and parbaked goods ready in just minutes, a fraction of the time it would take with traditional equipment. That means you can get fresh, made-to-order entrees and snacks out to your patrons quick, inviting them to stay longer.

Crispy finger foods like French fries, poppers, and chicken tenders that are traditionally fried can be purchased frozen and heated in a TurboChef conveyor oven. Thanks to the air impingement design, those products cook quickly and maintain their crispy appeal. Ventless options are available that eliminate the need for a costly hood.

The Sit-Down Casual

TuboChef ovens' applications aren't limited to quick concepts like cafés. The most versatile offerings, the i3 and i5 high-speed ovens, do wonders with traditional restaurant fare. They're capable of roasting, browning, baking, and broiling - and all more quickly than most conventional means allow. Salmon, which would take 15 to 20 minutes to cook in a traditional oven, can be ready to serve in about 3 minutes with an i5 oven.

Roasted potatoes can be done in 4 minutes - asparagus in just one. Operators can achieve that all important sear on proteins, since it's safe to use metal pans in TurboChef's i series ovens. That's thanks to the microwave heat being top-launched, so it won't interact dangerously with metallic objects.

With a TuboChef i-series oven, it doesn't take an experienced chef to achieve impressive results. A smart menu allows operators to program up to 200 items into memory, each with multiple cooking stages, so users need only to select the item they're cooking and walk away. That ease of use gives you a consistent product each time and makes training easy.

The Pizzeria

One segment of foodservice that has adopted TurboChef ovens en masse is establishments that prepare pizza. Speed-oriented chains and neighborhood pizza parlors alike depend on the consistency and ease of use of TurboChef's High h 2020 Conveyors.

Taking advantage of forced-air impingement that shoots jets of hot air directly at food, the High h ovens can cook pizzas in just a bit more than 2 minutes. Compare that to the average 10 minutes of traditional methods.

High h ovens are also available with split belts in 50/50, 40/60, and 30/70 setups, which allow two different menu items to be sent through at the same time. This makes a great solution for operators who want to cook both pizzas and appetizers in the same oven at the same time. High h ovens can even be stacked up to three ovens high to save space while expanding throughput.

If the pizza concept you have in mind requires a more artisanal-style product, there's even a high-speed oven for you. The TurboChef Fire utilizes a unique convection heating system with independent top and bottom heaters, and fans that provide an even bake for pizza. That means it can cook a 14-inch fresh dough pizza in about a minute and a half.

The TurboChef Fire is able to bake at temperatures as high as 842 degrees F. Coupled with the included pizza screens, that gives pizzas a crisp artisan style crust without the need for moving or rotating them during baking.

Like many of the company's other ovens, the TurboChef Fire is built with a catalytic converter that eliminates the emission of harmful grease-laden vapors and smoke, so no hood vent is required to use it.