Choosing the Right TurboChef Oven

Speed up Your Kitchen with a TurboChef Oven

TurboChef is one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed ovens, manufacturing a variety of rapid-cook options. High-speed ovens are a great way to speed up cook times, or even add new menu options that might otherwise take too long to prepare to be practical, including everything from panini to pasta. Many of these ovens not only save time, but are also smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional ovens, making them ideal for bars, mall kiosks, delis, and other small foodservice operations. Rapid-cook ovens combine one or more traditional technologies, including radiant heat, impingement, and microwave radiation, making them capable of cooking food quickly without the loss of quality often associated with microwaving alone.

High h Batch 2

TurboChef's High h Batch 2 is named for its high heat transfer rates (h), which are three to four times faster than those of a convection oven. The oven uses impingement, which is a type of convection that aims hot jets of air directly at the food. The impingement speed is variable to allow you to get the best cooking results for each menu item, and an oscillating rack ensures that the food is evenly heated.

This oven does not require a vent for most items (with the exclusion of fattier raw products like skin-on chicken and ground beef), and its low profile and 26-inch width makes it easy to fit into most kitchens. The oven can even store as many as 72 recipes, meaning employees can use it with little training. The High h Batch 2 can cook 14-inch pizzas, sandwiches, French fries, cookies, and more, making it perfect for pizzerias, bakeries, and quick-service restaurants. Its batch-style cooking and stackable design means it can also work well for a full-service restaurant.

High h Conveyor 2020

The High h Conveyor ovens from TurboChef work similarly to the High h Batch 2, using impingement from both the top and bottom to heat food quickly as it moves through the oven on the conveyor. The design allows ventless operation in most applications, with the same exception of fatty raw protein mentioned above. Its compact form allows it to fit into more kitchens while producing more throughput than traditional 28-inch conveyors.

The rapid-cook conveyor oven has eight programmable cooking profiles that allows you to alter the temperature, belt speed, and impingement air speed from both the top and bottom. The belt can be solid or split to best meet your operation's needs. The latter setup means you can send different products through simultaneously at different speeds, with foods that need to cook longer on the slower belt. This oven is ideal for pizzas and sandwiches, so it can be a great addition to pizzerias, delis, concession stands, and convenience stores.


The Sǒta high-speed oven is the smallest, most energy-efficient oven available from Turbochef. Its compact size makes it a great fit for many coffee shops, cafes, bars, and quick-service restaurants. There are even a variety of colors available to fit in with any décor.

The Sǒta uses a combination of impingement and bursts of microwaves to cook food quickly. It can cook pizzas, sandwiches, or even meats like salmon and chicken wings. Unlike in traditional microwave ovens, most metal pans can be used, meaning you can get an attractive and taste-enhancing sear on meat. Sǒta also works well for toasting, browning, and crisping, and its ability to store as many as 256 recipes means you can get consistent results every time you cook.

Tornado 2

The Tornado 2 combines three types of heating to cook food up to 12 times faster than traditional ovens. This high-speed oven uses impingement, microwave energy, and radiant heat. The radiant heat makes this oven great for food that needs to be evenly browned. The built-in catalytic filtration system eliminates the need for a hood vent for most usage.

The Tornado 2's ability to brown and crisp food quickly while also evenly cooking through the center makes it of great benefit to almost any foodservice operation. It can hold as many as 128 recipes, meaning you can make use of its flexibility with minimal employee training, and the stackable design gives you the option to expand to multiple units while staying within one compact footprint.


TurboChef's Encore model uses impingement, microwaves, and radiant heat, much like the Tornado 2, but the positioning of the elements means the radiant heat comes from both the top and bottom. This makes this oven ideal for baked goods such as cakes, muffins, and cookies, though it still has the toasting and browning action to work well for sandwiches and pizza.

This oven allows you to customize the impingement airflow and the intensity of heat provided from the infrared browning elements. Once you establish the perfect combination for your dish, you can store it and 255 other recipes on the integral memory. The Encore can operate without a vent in most kitchens, giving you flexibility in installation.


The i-Series of ovens from TurboChef consists of two ovens, the i3 and the i5, that differ only in size. Both models use high-h impinged air from both the top and the bottom, and bottom-launched microwaves. These ovens can use most metal pans, so you can sear any fish, chicken, or beef cooked in the oven.

Both the i3 and the i5 are capable of storing as many as 200 recipes, meaning it can be operated by employees with minimal training. The i5's large cavity size means it can hold up to a full-size hotel pan, which makes it ideal for high-output operations such as school or hospital foodservice, or busy quick-service restaurants. The i3 is much smaller, with only a half-pan capacity. This means it can fit into space-limited kitchens, like those at bars and nightclubs, as well as concession stands and convenience stores.


The TurboChef C3 uses impinged air and microwave bursts to roast, brown, or broil food up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven. The microwaves cook the inside of the food while the impinged air evenly browns the outside, resulting in an oven that can cook a wide variety of food, from pizzas to steaks to vegetables. The fully insulated cook chamber and catalytic converter system mean that in most cases this oven can be used without a vent.

The C3 oven features self-diagnostics and can save up to 128 recipes, giving you lots of flexibility in how it can be used in your kitchen. It has a stackable design, so you can make the most of your space with the C3's small footprint. This oven is small enough to fit into concession stands and bars, while providing enough output to also make it practical for restaurants and institutional foodservice.


The G5 high-speed oven is the first multi-shelf oven from TurboChef, and also the largest of the company's ovens. This oven comes on a stand with casters, and has five shelves, allowing you to cook large batches of food with both convection and microwave heat as much as four times faster than conventional ovens.

The multi-shelf setup of the G5 oven makes it perfect for cooking smaller items, including biscuits, muffins, cinnamon rolls, tater tots, and chicken tenders. High-volume bakeries, restaurants, concession stands, and cafeteria foodservice operations can all benefit from the G5's ability to rapidly cook large batches of food. The oven includes touch controls that allow you to program nearly 4,000 cooking profiles, which, along with varying shelf configurations, allows you to customize the oven for its best use in your kitchen.


The Panini oven from TurboChef uses the same heating technology as the Sǒta, but also includes a panini rack and tray, so that you can create attractive panini grill marks while you toast your sandwiches.

The panini oven has a very small footprint, at only 16-inches wide, and is stackable to save space if you need more than one. The menu system can store as many as 256 recipes so the oven can be operated with little training. The panini oven is perfect for any deli, coffee shop, or restaurant that wants to expand its sandwich offerings.


At only 19-inches wide, the TurboChef Fire is compact enough to bring artisan-style pizza to nearly any foodservice operation. The Fire operates at up to 842 degrees F, using convection heat from both the top and the bottom to cook 14-inch fresh-dough pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. The Fire's two included pizza screens allow the heat to make direct contact with the crust, resulting in a crispy, authentic texture.

The Fire oven does not require ventilation in most kitchens, so you can set up to cook artisan hearth-style pizzas nearly anywhere. The oven has 6 preset timers, allowing one-touch operation for ease of use. Traditional hearthstone or wood-fired ovens have hot spots and require the pizza to be moved around, but the Fire oven uses consistent, even heat, so no turning or moving is needed. Most any restaurant with artisan-style pizza on the menu can benefit from this compact, high-speed oven.