Turbo Air Freezer

Turbo Air freezers come with many standard features and additional special features that make storing food simple. These units are available with one section, two sections, and three sections to fit your storage needs. They are offered with a variety of door configurations and either a top- or bottom-mounted refrigeration system. More

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Common Questions About Turbo Air Freezers

How does the digital control system work in a Turbo Air freezer?

In a Turbo Air reach-in freezer, the digital control and monitor system maintains a consistent cabinet temperature. An operator can monitor temperatures inside the cabinet on the digital display, and the system also keeps up with the operating status. An early warning program checks for system issues and alerts the operator if a problem is detected. The self-diagnosis system finds the root of the problem to reduce the amount of service needed.

Beyond those in-depth diagnostics, these units also provide some more rudimentary warnings. For instance, if a door is accidentally left open on a Turbo Air freezer, an alarm notifies staff members, preventing cold air leaks that can lead to food spoilage. Additionally, the digital display shows when the defrost cycle is running, during which the cabinet should remain closed throughout if possible.

What is Turbo Freeze and how does it work in a Turbo Air upright freezer?

When a freezer with Turbo Freeze is stocked with new products that can warm the air inside the cabinet, the operator can activate the Turbo Freeze feature to quickly bring down the temperatures of the items. That not only ensures those items are properly frozen, it also maintains safe storage temperatures for foods already stored in the unit. This function allows the compressor to run for 2 hours without stopping.

How does the Smart Defrost System work?

Typically, a reach-in freezer will defrost automatically for a specific amount of time regardless of the unit's condition. This uses unnecessary energy and makes it difficult to maintain a constant temperature in the freezer. The smart defrost system analyzes the environment in the Turbo Air commercial freezer and activates the defrost cycle only when needed.

Why is a frame heater not needed in a Turbo Air reach-in freezer?

Frame heaters are used in reach-in freezers to prevent water from condensing on the exteriors of the cabinets near the door openings. That water can freeze around the door gaskets, which can make it hard to open the doors and may damage the gaskets. These heaters operate nonstop, consuming a lot of energy and often causing overheating. Turbo Air eliminated this component in its freezers by using heat from the compressor to warm the frame of the unit, which promotes the evaporation of condensation and prevents any water that does collect from freezing around the gaskets.

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