Turbo Air Prep Tables

With a Turbo Air prep table, your employees can make sandwiches and pizzas on the built-in cutting board and access ingredients and condiments in the base section through ergonomically designed, self-closing doors. Turbo Air pizza prep tables have refrigerated holding for food pans filled with sauce, cheese, and toppings, and along their fronts run wide work surfaces along with pies-in-the-making can travel as they're dressed. Turbo Air sandwich prep tables have room for larger food pans filled with ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, and lunch meats, and have narrower cutting boards along their fronts that provide perfect work spaces for assembling subs and salads. More

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Common Questions About Turbo Air Prep Tables

What is most important when choosing a Turbo Air prep table?

As with most commercial equipment, your first consideration when planning to purchase a prep table should be size. They range from 27 inches to 93 inches wide and are available in different depths depending on the intended application. Cold storage behind the workspace holds sixth-size food pans in two rows. Mega top units are deeper, accommodating three rows of food for high-volume applications.

What is different about Turbo Air pizza prep tables and sandwich prep tables?

Turbo Air prep tables for salads/sandwiches and pizza are generally identical except for the width of the cutting board. Sandwich prep tables have a full-length, 912-inch-wide-by-12-inch-thick cutting board, while pizza prep tables' full-length cutting boards are 1914 inches wide by 12 inches thick. This additional width accommodates large pies.

How does the self-cleaning feature work in a Turbo Air pizza prep table?

As one of the most important components in the refrigeration system, the condenser coil gathers heat from the cabinet and moves it outside the unit. Since this part is made up of small fins that are exposed to particles in the air, dirt and dust build up quickly and can block airflow. When debris is not cleaned off regularly, the compressor must work harder to maintain temperatures in the cabinet. This process wears down the system and wastes energy, potentially causing the unit to fail.

In Turbo Air sandwich prep tables, a mesh filter protects the condenser coil from debris. A rotating brush moves over the filter two to three times per day to prevent dust and dirt from reaching the condenser.

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