T&S Repair Kits & Parts

These T&S Brass parts and accessories include replacement pieces for your T&S fixtures including repair kits, wall brackets, lever arms, and flanges. Get more from your existing fixtures with add-on faucets and pre-rinse spray nozzles. If your sink is leaking, the solution may be new valve cartridges. This selection of T&S Brass faucet parts includes cartridge kits, the company's most popular fixtures.

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T&S 5EF-0001
T&S 5EF-0001 Equip Sensor Faucet, Control Module

KaTom #: 064-5EF0001

$100.50 / Each
T&S B-0230-K
T&S B-0230-K 1/2" Short Elbow Installation Kit

KaTom #: 064-B0230K

In Stock
$24.37 / Each
T&S B-10K
T&S B-10K Repair Kit for Spray Head

KaTom #: 064-B10K

In Stock
$11.69 / Each
T&S 010389-45
T&S 010389-45 Plunger O-Ring for Waste Drain Valve

KaTom #: 064-01038945

In Stock
$1.16 / Each
T&S B-2282
T&S B-2282 Dipperwell Faucet, Chrome Plated

KaTom #: 064-B2282

In Stock
$29.73 / Each
T&S B-6K
T&S B-6K Eterna Spindle Parts Kit

KaTom #: 064-B6K

In Stock
$43.87 / Each
T&S 006678-45
T&S 006678-45 Dipperwell Bowl, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 064-00667845

$64.34 / Each
T&S 062X
T&S 062X Swing Nozzle, 3-3/4" Rise, 12"Long

KaTom #: 064-062X

In Stock
$19.00 / Each
T&S 5EF-0003
T&S 5EF-0003 Equip Sensor Faucet, Flat Lens Wire Kit

KaTom #: 064-5EF0003

$21.23 / Each
T&S 002714-40
T&S 002714-40 Right Hand Eterna Spindle Assembly

KaTom #: 064-00271440

In Stock
$28.75 / Each
T&S B-0109-01
T&S B-0109-01 Pre Rinse Unit Wall Bracket, 6 in

KaTom #: 064-B010901

In Stock
$27.78 / Each
T&S 063X
T&S 063X Swing Nozzle, 4-1/4" Rise, 14"Long

KaTom #: 064-063X

In Stock
$21.92 / Each
T&S 5SV Equip Spray Valve, For Prerinse Unit

KaTom #: 064-5SV

In Stock
$32.43 / Each
T&S B-0969-RK01
T&S B-0969-RK01 Repair Kit, 1/2", for B-0969

KaTom #: 064-B0969RK01

In Stock
$14.85 / Each
T&S B-9K
T&S B-9K Lever Handle Kit

KaTom #: 064-B9K

In Stock
$9.74 / Each
T&S BWH4H Wrist Action Handle, Hot

KaTom #: 064-BWH4H

In Stock
$18.52 / Each
T&S B-39K
T&S B-39K Parts Kit for Waste Valves

KaTom #: 064-B39K

In Stock
$9.55 / Each
T&S 001636-45
T&S 001636-45 Lever Handle, Blue Index (Cold)

KaTom #: 064-00163645

In Stock
$4.67 / Each
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