T&S Brass: Pot/Kettle Fillers & Faucets

Whatever you need a faucet for; you'll find that T&S Brass pot/kettle fillers and faucets have the items to make your cooking experience easier.

T&S Brass: Pot/Kettle Fillers

Filling pots on your range has never been easier than when you use T&S Brass pot/kettle fillers.

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T&S Brass: Workboard Faucets

Get the faucet that's right for your sink applications with T&S Brass workboard faucets.

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T&S Brass: Wok-Wand Faucets

Enjoy cooking Chinese food anytime without the hassle of running back and forth to keep fresh water in woks when using T&S Brass wok-wand faucets.

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