T&S Brass: Components

Get everything but the kitchen sink to add the final touches to sink repairs with T&S Brass components.

T&S Brass: Nozzles & Goosenecks

Regardless of what you're using your sink for, choose the nozzle you need for your faucet with T&S Brass nozzles and goosenecks.

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T&S Brass: Outlets/Adapters

Get a shower style water stream for your sink or a standard water flow with T&S Brass outlets/adapters.

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T&S Brass: Pedal Valves

You won't need hands to turn these faucets on when you use T&S Brass pedal valves.

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T&S Brass: Handles

Get fresh running water in a twist with T&S Brass handles for faucets.

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T&S Brass: Base Faucets

Whether you need a faucet that blends hot and cold water for custom temperatures of a basic utility faucet, T&S Brass base faucets have what you need.

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T&S Brass: Inlets

No faucet installation is complete without T&S Brass inlet components.

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