The Benefits of True Prep Tables

True Food Prep Tables

For more than 70 years, True has focused its efforts on one process: refrigeration. That's why the name True is synonymous with high-quality, durable commercial refrigerators, and the company's prep tables are no exception. Prep tables are an essential part of commercial kitchens that serve salads, sandwiches, and pizzas, and True units offer the reliability and utilization your kitchen staff needs to keep up with production demands.

All of True's prep tables are listed to NSF 7 standards and come equipped with polyethylene cutting boards, stainless steel and aluminum construction, and the company's oversized and balanced refrigeration systems. Through forced-air refrigeration and guided airflow, these units hold food in a consistent temperature range of 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

To better serve your foodservice operation's needs, True's tables are available in more than 100 different combinations of sizes and features. Below, you'll learn more about which True prep table is right for you.

Find Your True Prep Table

To decide which prep table your commercial kitchen needs, consider which items are on the menu. Each prep table is optimized for either salads and sandwiches or pizzas. Salads and sandwiches are prepped with the same unit, but pizzas require a deeper cutting board. This distinction makes it easier to narrow your search down to a type of prep table.

True sandwich/salad prep tables are typically equipped with full-length cutting boards, which have depths measuring between 878 and 1134 inches. They will have a pan rail that runs the length of the unit, or a shortened pan rail to make room for a stainless steel work space. That pan rail will hold between eight and 30 sixth-size food pans. Some True sandwich/salad prep tables come standard with flat lids, but most include insulated lids and hoods to keep pan temperatures colder and ingredients fresher.

True pizza prep tables have 1912-inch-deep cutting boards, which accommodate personal-sized and large-diameter pizzas. The pan rails on these prep tables are always the full length of the unit, and will hold between five and 15 sixth-size food pans. Pizza prep tables from True come standard with flat lids, which are also insulated to preserve the quality of the ingredients.

Both types of True prep tables are available with various options to ensure you find the one your commercial kitchen needs for production efficiency.

  • Width and height: True prep tables can be between 27 and 119 inches wide. Obviously, wider prep tables will have a longer pan rail with more ingredient storage, but the width of your unit isn't the only sizing consideration you'll have to make. Each prep table comes standard with stem casters, but some units are designed to offer ADA compliance with a 34-inch work height.
  • Standard top or mega-top: If you need to maximize your ingredient storage, you'll want to look for a mega-top prep table with room for an additional row of food pans. Mega tops are only available on sandwich/salad prep tables.
  • Single- or dual-sided: To double your food prep table's production capacity, consider purchasing a dual-sided unit. This type of unit includes a cutting board on both sides, so salads and sandwiches can be prepped by multiple workers at once.
  • Cabinets or drawers: The refrigerated bases on True prep tables are available with drawers, which can keep additional food ingredients easily accessible, or cabinets, which are better suited to storing cans and jars of ingredients, sauces, and condiments. If you aren't sure which would be best for your operation, you can order a unit with a mix of the two.