Traulsen Heated Cabinets

We have a great selection of Traulsen heated cabinets.

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Traulsen AHF232WP-FHG 208
Traulsen AHF232WP-FHG 208 2-Section Pass-Thru Heated Cabinet w/ Full G...

SKU: 206-AHF232WPFHG208

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Traulsen RHF332WP-HHG
Traulsen RHF332WP-HHG Pass-Thru 3-Section Heated Cabinet w/ Half Glass...

SKU: 206-RHF332WPHHG208

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Traulsen RIH232LP-FHS
Traulsen RIH232LP-FHS 2-Section Roll-Thru Heated Cabinet w/ Full Door,...

SKU: 206-RIH232LPFHS208

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Traulsen AHF332WP-HHG 208
Traulsen AHF332WP-HHG 208 3-Section Pass-Thru Heated Cabinet w/ Half G...

SKU: 206-AHF332WPHHG208

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Traulsen RHF232WP-HHS
Traulsen RHF232WP-HHS Pass-Thru 2-Section Heated Cabinet w/ Half Solid...

SKU: 206-RHF232WPHHS208

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Traulsen RHF232WP-FHG
Traulsen RHF232WP-FHG Pass-Thru 2-Section Heated Cabinet w/ Full Glass...

SKU: 206-RHF232WPFHG208

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