Tilting Kettle

Perfect for high volume cooking, a tilting kettle will allow you to make large quantities of soups, stews or stocks consistently and efficiently. Easy to use because they tilt forward for easy pouring, these units can hold as little as six gallons to as much as 80 gallons of food and can be gas or electrically heated. Available with in countertop and floor models, this piece of equipment can add a new level of production to any large kitchen.

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Accutemp ACECTRS-16 2203
Accutemp ACECTRS-16 2203 Tilting Skillet w/ Round Pan & 16-gal Cap...

SKU: 087-ACECTRS162203

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Accutemp ACELT-20F 2401
Accutemp ACELT-20F 2401 Tilting Kettle w/ Crank & 20-gal Capacity,...

SKU: 087-ACELT20F2401

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Accutemp ACELT-40 2201
Accutemp ACELT-40 2201 Tilting Kettle w/ Crank & 40-gal Capacity,...

SKU: 087-ACELT402201

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Accutemp ACELT-60F 208
Accutemp ACELT-60F 208 Tilting Kettle w/ Crank & 60-gal Capacity,...

SKU: 087-ACELT60F208

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