Table Dolly

Moving long, bulky folding tables by hand can be an awkward, time-consuming task. Make this job significantly easier by purchasing a table dolly, which will enable you to move several tables at once. Models are available that can move either rectangular or round tables with ease. If you need to move both rectangular and round tables, universal models are available that can do so. More

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When you begin your search for the perfect table dolly, consider how many tables you need to move at once. KaTom offers models that hold between seven and 16 tables. This capacity is usually given for banquet tables, which are fairly thick. If you're moving lighter-duty tables, you may be able to haul more.

Dolly Type

Edge Load

Edge-load models hold tables up vertically on edge. This provides a smaller footprint, which means these can be used in tighter spaces, whether that means narrow closets or down skinny hallways. However, keep in mind that these units will require a fairly tall vertical clearance. Be sure to measure each area you will use your dolly in to ensure the ceilings are high enough to accommodate it.

This design is common on models designed for round tables, but is sometimes found on those for rectangular tables. Most universal models also carry tables on their edges.

Flat Load

These models carry tables laid flat and stacked on top of each other. They have a larger footprint than edge-load models because they must have clearance for wide tables. This means they're not well-suited for narrow hallways or storage areas. Most dollies for rectangular tables have this design.

Handle Location

You can purchase a model with a handle located either on the sides or back. All edge-load models have the handles located on the side, which offers support to the tables they carry. Flat-load models typically have handles on the back, which can make them easier to maneuver.