Supreme Metal

Supreme Metal is among the leading manufacturers of bar sinks, ice bins, cocktail units, and speed rails.

Supreme Metal Ice Bins

Supreme metal ice bins allow the bartender to make drinks without constantly having to run to the back for ice.

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Supreme Metal Bar Sinks

After a long night of making drinks the last thing you want to do is haul your glasses back to the kitchen. Supreme metal bar sinks can put an end to that.

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Supreme Metal Bar Sink Add-On Units

Supreme Metal bar sink add on units can make a bartender's life much easier.

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Supreme Metal Cocktail Units

Supreme Metal cocktail units allow bartenders to keep their juices off to the side while making sure they stay cool and fresh.

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Supreme Metal Speed Rails

Supreme Metal bar speed rails allow the bartender to make drinks on the fly while giving them a place to store bottles as well.

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Supreme Metal Portable Bars

Supreme Metal portable bars are designed for light duty use, particularly at catering facilities, small hotels, and even VFW halls.

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