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Nothing warms up a cold day like a steaming bowl of soup. Offer that warmth by adding soup to your restaurant or café with a commercial soup warmer. Once the decision to add one is made, several considerations need to be made as you decide on the one that is right for your needs.  More

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Wells SW-10T
Wells SW-10T 11 qt Countertop Soup Warmer - Thermostatic, 120v

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The first thing to consider when choosing a soup warmer is how much and how many types of soup you intend to sell. Another consideration is whether the soup will be on display or served from the back of the house.


Warmers come in two designs. The round type offers a simple, utilitarian shape best suited for use back-of-house. These warmers are usually made of stainless steel. The soup kettle design is a visually appealing type that can stand alone. It usually consists of a stainless steel liner that fits into a black or stainless outer kettle, giving it vintage appeal.

Number of Wells and Well Capacity

Our soup kettles typically have one, two, or three wells, allowing you to present several types of soup, stew, or chili. An individual well has a capacity of 4 to 11 quarts. There are approximately three 10-ounce servings in a quart.

Lid Design and Type

  • Keep the heat in with a split lid. This lid allows for only half the soup warmer to be uncovered at a time, helping to conserve energy and prevent contaminants from falling into the soup.
  • Solid lids maximize coverage. They're easy to clean because there are no hinges to trap residual food or cleaning agents
  • Hinged lids allow for easy access since diners don't have to search for a place to set the lid when they access the soup.
  • Lift-off lids allow the use of bigger utensils, but may allow too much heat to escape and debris can easily fall into the soup when the lid is off.


Whether you're using a soup warmer in the back of the house as a countertop or a drop-in, or in the front of the house as a merchandiser, the aroma of soup in the air is certain to be a crowd-pleaser.

  • Countertop models are handy because they'll go virtually anywhere. They are equally useful in back- and front-of-house locations.
  • Drop-in models are permanently installed into existing counters or tables, creating a streamlined look and eliminating the risk of the unit being knocked over.
  • Merchandisers are ideal for putting your soup or stews front-and-center and allowing guests to serve themselves, making it a focal point for your establishment.

Dispensing Type

Pump dispensing makes for easy, one-handed use, and eliminates the need for serving utensils. Models that have a ladle for serving allow for quick dipping of larger servings.

Specialty Options

  • Some soup warmers have a signage area to attract the attention of customers, and in some cases, the area can be customized, allowing you to use your own branding materials or display the name of the soup of the day.
  • We offer free-standing kiosk soup warmer merchandisers that come complete with cup and bowl dispensers, lighted canopies, and menu boards. These kiosks have casters, so you can place them anywhere your traffic flow dictates.
  • In order to help keep delicate controls protected against the damaging effects of constant heat, remote controls are available on many models. These also allow for easy operation of drop-in units and can keep the controls on the staff side of a serving line.
  • Induction warmers use a fraction of the energy of other warmers while providing remarkable control and versatility. Many can be programmed for specific foods and can give alerts for actions operators needs to take, like stirring.
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