Shun Reserve Series

Nothing cuts quite like an ultra-sharp, high quality Shun Reserve Series knife.

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Shun ND0706 Quick Ship
Shun ND0706 8-in Reserve Chefs Knife

SKU: 194-ND0706

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Shun ND0700
Shun ND0700 3.5-in Reserve Paring Knife

SKU: 194-ND0700

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Shun ND0747
Shun ND0747 6-in Reserve Hollow Ground Chefs Knife

SKU: 194-ND0747

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Shun ND0718
Shun ND0718 7-in Reserve Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

SKU: 194-ND0718

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Shun ND0720
Shun ND0720 10-in Reserve Hollow Ground Slicing Knife

SKU: 194-ND0720

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Shun ND0705
Shun ND0705 9-in Reserve Bread Knife

SKU: 194-ND0705

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Shun ND0722
Shun ND0722 6-in Reserve Serrated Utility Knife

SKU: 194-ND0722

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