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Our selection of Shun miscellaneous knives and accessories is sure to complete your knife collection.

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Shun VB0701 Quick Ship
Shun VB0701 6" Utility Knife

SKU: 194-VB0701

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Shun VB706 Quick Ship
Shun VB706 8" Chefs Knife

SKU: 194-VB0706

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Shun FG5035ENG
Shun FG5035ENG Pure Komachi Sushi Roll Mold, Large

SKU: 194-FG5035ENG

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Shun DM0880
Shun DM0880 Shun 8-Piece Knife Roll Only

SKU: 194-DM0880

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Shun DM7100
Shun DM7100 Herb Specialty Shears, 7.5-in

SKU: 194-DM7100

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Shun DM0901
Shun DM0901 Fish Bone Tweezers, 5.5-in

SKU: 194-DM0901

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Shun FG5034ENG
Shun FG5034ENG Pure Komachi Sushi Roll Mold, Small

SKU: 194-FG5034ENG

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