Shun Knife Holder

Clear out space in your cutlery drawer by ordering a Shun knife holder here.

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Shun DM0832 Quick Ship
Shun DM0832 22-Slot Shun Bamboo Knife Block

SKU: 194-DM0832

Free Shipping
Shun AB0800 Quick Ship
Shun AB0800 Clear Acrylic Block

SKU: 194-AB0800

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Shun DM0838
Shun DM0838 8-Slot Beech Wood Knife Block, Angled

SKU: 194-DM0838

Free Shipping
Shun DM0835
Shun DM0835 11-Slot Shun In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Tray

SKU: 194-DM0835

Free Shipping
Shun DM0831
Shun DM0831 11-Slot Shun Bamboo Knife Block

SKU: 194-DM0831

Free Shipping
Shun DM0837
Shun DM0837 6-Slot Cherry Wood Configured Knife Block

SKU: 194-DM0837

Free Shipping
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