Hoshizaki Crescent Cubes

The Convenience of Crescent Ice

With so many types of ice to choose from, finding the best for your business can be daunting. One of the most popular options is crescent ice, a type only available from Hoshizaki. We will cover the benefits of the crescent-shaped cube and the machines that make them.

Crescent Cubes


The crescent cubes made by Hoshizaki ice makers are not the elongated crescents you might be familiar with from residential ice makers. This crescent-shaped ice cube has an almost-square base and is half an inch thick at its thickest point. It is perfectly clear because the evaporator design encourages low mineral content, which also contributes to making this one of the hardest ice cubes available. Hard ice melts slower, limiting the dilution of drinks and extending how long they can be kept cold. The lack of minerals in the cube also limits the impact the ice will have on the flavor of the drink as it melts.

Crescent ice is not made on the same grid-style evaporator plate found in most commercial ice machines. Hoshizaki evaporators have no horizontal breaks other than slight bumps that slow down the water that cascades over them just enough to allow the ice to begin to form. This design means that these crescent-shaped ice cubes have no bridges connecting them, eliminating the extra work of breaking up the ice in the bin so it can fit in a glass. It also means that the cubes are consistent in shape and size, ensuring they fit together in a glass better for higher drink displacement. This will save your operation money as less soda or tea is needed to fill each glass.

Crescent Cube Ice Makers


Hoshizaki commercial ice makers are the only ice machines in the industry made with a stainless steel ice-making surface, as opposed to competitor's nickel-plated evaporators that become worn down over time. This design adds to the durability of the unit and prevents corrosion. The stainless steel construction also means you don't have to worry about strong cleaners damaging your unit, as often happens with nickel-plated evaporators. The more open design of the evaporator also makes it easier to scrub its surface when there is mineral buildup to deal with that a cleaning cycle just can't handle on its own, ensuring you can continue providing clean, clear ice. These ice makers are available in undercounter, dispenser, and modular models.

One of the biggest benefits to owning a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker is the money you can save in utilities. Hoshizaki crescent cube machines use the CycleSaver™ design, which freezes ice on both sides of the evaporator, allowing the unit to produce more ice in fewer cycles. This design means less wear and tear on moving parts, resulting in longer product life and decreased maintenance needs.

When maintenance is needed, the design of Hoshizaki ice machines makes those tasks easy to complete. The interior of the unit is completely compartmentalized and sealed, keeping electronics dry and insulating the evaporator from the heat-generating compressor. This prevents electrical failures, promotes sanitation, and improves energy efficiency. Each compartment is serviceable from the front of the machine, which makes maintenance simple and speeds up service calls to save you money.

Some of the other features that come standard on Hoshizaki commercial ice machines include:

  • EverCheck™ control board, featuring an audible alarm when service is required and diagnostic features to aid service technicians.
  • ENERGY STAR certification makes many of the Hoshizaki crescent cube ice makers some of the most energy- and water-efficient models available.
  • H-Guard Plus® antimicrobial agent is molded into key components of Hoshizaki ice machines to impede the growth of bacteria, mold, and slime.
  • Low-water shutoff and high-temp lockout both help protect refrigeration components from damage.
  • Simple controls make the unit easy to set up, use, and maintain.