Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are made for cutting tough skin, meat, bone, and joints making short work of tough jobs. With strong, stainless steel blades, this utensil can also be used for many other tasks such as cutting herbs, snipping twine and more. Many have bottle openers built into the handle for added functionality and plastic or soft rubber handles for comfort.

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Wusthof 8777 Quick Ship
Wusthof 8777 5-Blade Herb Shears

SKU: 618-8777

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Wusthof 5508
Wusthof 5508 10" Poultry Shears

SKU: 618-5508

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Wusthof 5512
Wusthof 5512 9" Poultry Shears

SKU: 618-5512

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Wusthof 5501
Wusthof 5501 10" Poultry Shears

SKU: 618-5501

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Shun DM7100
Shun DM7100 Herb Specialty Shears, 7.5-in

SKU: 194-DM7100

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