Security Cage

These units keep expensive items locked up, preventing damage and theft. They're rugged and durable in order to stand up to the rigors of commercial work, and some models have casters so you can easily move them around without worrying about the items inside falling and breaking. Available finishes include attractive chrome or epoxy coated, both of which are resistant to rust. More

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Focus FGSTK063CH
Focus FGSTK063CH 63-in Staked Post w/ Chromate Finish, NSF

KaTom #: 268-FGSTK063CH

$36.90 / Pack of 4
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Choose between a solid or wire exterior for your lockable shelving. A solid design is best for storing contents that you don't want to be seen, whether to hide them from the public view or from would-be thieves. You may also wish to purchase a one- or two-compartment solid model to use in an office for storing important files or valuables.

If you're going to store food in your unit, a model with a wire exterior is the best choice. This design allows for ventilation around the items being stored, reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth. Likewise, if you're putting your unit in a walk-in, you need to purchase one with a wire exterior so cold air can come in contact with contents. These are also better for use in liquor or wine storage, so your stock is visible but accessible only to authorized personnel.


You can choose from a chrome, galvanized, stainless steel, or epoxy-coated cage.

Chrome is found solely on open-wire units. On these models, steel wire is coated with a layer of chrome, which is popular on shelving due to its corrosion resistance and overall durability.

Galvanized cages are available on models with solid exteriors. On these, a solid piece of steel is dipped into lead and zinc, giving the material its rust-resistant properties. It is typically priced lower than chrome or stainless steel, but lacks the luster of those two materials.

Stainless steel can be found on both wire and solid security shelving. This material is also corrosion resistant and is best when sanitation and cleanliness are important.

If you'll use your security cage in cold storage, then consider one that is epoxy coated. Available only in open wire, this material will not corrode and is resistant to humidity, which is what makes them such a good choice for walk-ins. They also offer a lower price than stainless or chrome, which makes them a wise choice for dry storage as well.


These models can be equipped for either stationary or mobile storage. Stationary units are installed as permanent fixtures, typically with anchored feet that make them more stable. Mobile models include casters, making them easy to move. This mobility makes it easy to clean the floor underneath or to have your stock where you need it.


You can purchase your model as either a full unit or as a modular unit. A full unit includes both cages and shelves. A modular one contains only the cage that fits into an existing shelving unit. This provides security in an existing storage system.

Specialty Options

Choose a unit with a dolly base if you'll use your unit to store heavy loads. On these models, casters are attached to a dolly frame that provides more rigidity and strength for the entire unit.

If you already own a polymer shelf and want to turn it into a cage, purchase a modular unit that is made specifically for polymer shelves.

For convenience, strength, and durability consider a model that is shipped assembled. Others come knocked down, which will save money by cutting down on the size of box you'll be paying to ship, but will require assembly.