Sanitizing Sink Heater

A sanitizing sink heater provides water at temperatures above the 180 degrees required for proper sanitation after hand washing. These units are designed to be installed out of the work area underneath the sink. Water enters the machine through an inlet at the bottom of the sink. It is then heated before returning to the bottom of the sink. We have many different models available to best suit your needs.

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Hatco 3CS2-3 208
Hatco 3CS2-3 208 Hydro-Heater Sink Heater, 3-kW, 208/1 V

SKU: 042-3CS23208

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Hatco 3CS4208
Hatco 3CS4208 Sanitizing Sink Heater, 4.5 kW, 208 V, 1 ph

SKU: 042-3CS4208

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Hatco 3CS3240
Hatco 3CS3240 Sanitizing Sink Heater, 3 kW, 240 V, 1 ph

SKU: 042-3CS3240

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Hatco 3CS2-4 208
Hatco 3CS2-4 208 Hydro-Heater Sink Heater, 4-kW, 208/1 V

SKU: 042-3CS24208

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Hatco 3CS2-3 240
Hatco 3CS2-3 240 Hydro-Heater Sink Heater, 3-kW, 240/1 V

SKU: 042-3CS23240

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Hatco 3CS4240
Hatco 3CS4240 Sanitizing Sink Heater, 4.5 kW, 240 V, 1 ph

SKU: 042-3CS4240

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Hatco 3CS26208
Hatco 3CS26208 Hydro-Heater Sink Heater, 6-kW, 208/1 V

SKU: 042-3CS26208

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