Rubbermaid Slim Jim Trash Can

Rubbermaid's Slim Jim® waste containers come in a wide selection of colors and assorted lids to make your waste disposal and recycling efforts easier. Their durable construction and smart design are the hallmarks of the Rubbermaid brand. More

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Rubbermaid FG267360BEIG Slim Jim Swing Lid - Beige

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Rubbermaid FG9W1600LGRAY 20.5" Slim Jim Confidential Document Con...

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Slim Jim trash cans by Rubbermaid are ideal for virtually any establishment. Their slim design makes them easy to place, and their venting channels help reduce employee fatigue. You can also maximize your recycling program by purchasing several in various colors for color-coded material separation. Rubbermaid Slim Jim containers make the daunting task of waste-management more simple and efficient. It can also help generate participation in recycling by your employees and patrons.

Streamlined Waste Disposal

Rubbermaid Slim Jim trash cans optimize space with their low-profile design. The 11-inch width will hold up to 23 gallons of trash, keeping its footprint narrow enough to fit virtually anywhere. Integrated venting channels reduce the force needed to remove a full liner by as much as 60 percent. Your workers will appreciate the ease with which these liners can be changed.

Can liner cinches help keep liners in place, so you'll save labor by no longer needing to tie knots in can liners. Molded-in handles and grips in the base make lifting and emptying easier. Models with handles will only hold 15-7/8 gallons of trash, but these may be more convenient due to their ease of portability.

Recycling Organization

Rubbermaid Slim Jim containers are available in a number of colors and with a variety of lids to help organize materials and promote your recycling efforts. Color-coding your system will allow employees and guests to help sort recycling by type.

The lids have differently shaped slots, such as can/bottle, paper, or a combination of both. There are also solid lids for trash-only containers. Cans are available with the universal recycling symbol printed on the side, and there are decal kits which can be ordered separately to direct users to the correct container for each recyclable. Kits include the following decals:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Cans
  • White Paper Only
  • Glass/Cans/Plastic
  • Paper
  • Trash
  • Cans/Plastic
  • Organic
  • Recycle

Confidential Document Container

The Slim Jim confidential document container is available in both 23 gallon and 15-7/8 gallon sizes. The smaller unit will fit discretely under a desk, and the side paper slot makes for easy access. The recessed paper slot helps eliminate unauthorized viewing. It is also equipped with a keyed lock to help keep you in compliance with HIPAA standards or other privacy requirements.

Lids and Accessories

Both the swing and hinge styles of lids completely cover the contents, keeping you in compliance with the FDA food code. The hinged lid folds flat against the container, so the narrow profile is maintained. The swinging type allows easy access during disposal, yet conceals waste and odors.

Trolleys make moving your Rubbermaid containers even easier. Trolleys made of stainless steel can hold up to 120 pounds. They have plastic casters that make moving easy while resisting corrosion when used in damp environments. Trolleys made of plastic can hold up to 300 pounds and can be linked together to make moving an entire waste management system more efficient.

Other Features

Many of these containers have UV protection, meaning they won't fade or discolor from harsh elements over time. These are ideal for outdoor use. Some of the containers have molded-in handles that are highly durable, making them easy to move for emptying, cleaning, and relocating.