Rubbermaid High Chairs

High chairs are a necessity for any food establishment that wants to offer an inviting, family-friendly atmosphere, and Rubbermaid offers some of the safest chairs on the market. With neutral colors and a number of safety considerations, choosing the right high chair for your needs will be a simple task. More

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Sturdy Chair™ high chairs by Rubbermaid are built with child safety in mind. They are made of durable plastic that stacks, so you can offer your tiniest diners comfortable seating without taking up valuable floor space. They come in stylish colors to match any décor and offer protection against germs.


These high chairs offer a convenient handle for safe, one-handed mobility. There is a one-piece T-bar and a three-point harness to keep children safely secure. These restaurant high chairs can be used without a tray, a feature that helps to prevent little fingers from being pinched by moving parts.

These chairs meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 404-04 and European safety standards, meaning that components have been engineered to stay on to prevent choking hazards. It also means that they include mandatory waist restraints that will not break. These standards also ensure that the chair will not collapse, break, or be easily damaged and that it will not tip while in use.


The commercial high chairs are designed to fit under tables, eliminating the need for a tray. Trays are available in matching or coordinating colors, however. The plastic construction has more curved lines, making it more comfortable and pleasant for the child. The bases of these chairs are wide, which offers added stability.

The heavy-duty molded plastic helps keep food from getting into crevices, making the units easier to clean. These chairs are also available with or without wheels and are shipped fully-assembled or knocked-down. Being able to easily move these chairs around a dining room or other facility will show your customers you care about their children and their convenience. It will also help your staff during clean-up.


Not only are these high chairs easy to clean, they are made of plastic with Microban® built in to help prevent stains and odor-causing bacteria. Because the protection is actually part of the chair, it will never wear or wash off. Studies indicated that on chairs without protection, the amount of bacteria doubled every 20 minutes. Microban adds safety for your patrons. These chairs can be wiped down easily, but can also withstand being hosed down when needed.


These Rubbermaid high chairs are available in dark green, platinum, and black to fit most restaurant color schemes. They also offer coordinating trays in dark blue, dark green, platinum, red, and black that are removable with one hand. Due to the Microban® being built-in during manufacturing, the colors in these chairs will resist fading to stay true and vibrant.