Brute Trash Can

Rubbermaid's Brute® utility trash cans aren't just for waste management. They come with a variety of options that make them ideal for other applications. Whether you're looking to jump start your recycling program or store dry ingredients, Brute containers will accommodate these needs neatly and efficiently. More

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Rubbermaid 1788472
Rubbermaid 1788472 32-gal BRUTE Recycling Container - Green

KaTom #: 007-1788472

$181.50 / Pack of 6
Rubbermaid 1779732
Rubbermaid 1779732 55-gal BRUTE Round Container - Blue

KaTom #: 007-1779732

$215.13 / Pack of 3
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From utility trash containers to dry food storage containers, Brute trash cans will help streamline your waste management and safely store items. They come in a number of colors and a variety of styles to suit virtually any storage and waste disposal need. They come in several sizes and have a number of accessories to help you maximize the uses of your container.


The Brute trash can is built to be tough while keeping operation simple. Their reinforced rim helps prevent warping, even under the roughest of conditions. Hand grips in the base make the container easier to lift and empty. The bottom is double-ribbed to increase stability and durability when being dragged across rough surfaces. The heavy-duty polyethylene construction resists crushing and contains UV protection that will keep the can from becoming faded and brittle.


The ubiquitous round Brute container comes in the following sizes: 10, 20, 32, 44, and 55 gallons. There is also a square model available in a 40-gallon size. The 44-gallon utility container is available with venting channels that make changing liners easier. These also have four liner cinches to keep liners in place.


While it's clear that Rubbermaid Brute containers lead the way in trash management, their uses don't end there. These containers make creating and maintaining a recycling program very simple. There are blue containers with the universal recycling emblem heat-stamped on the outside. These containers are available in a variety of colors, so you can color-code your waste collection program. They can also be used for food storage when paired with ProSaver® lids; there's even a white Brute container designed just for storing ingredients. Their rugged durability also makes them ideal for outdoor application like growing and storing root crops or capturing rainwater. They can be used to store non-food items as well.


The classic flat snap-lock lid is available in the regular version or a model that is self-draining for outdoor applications. There are also snap-lock lids that are specially designed for recycling, thanks to their can, bottle, and paper slots. Dome lids are also available. They have a swinging door to keep odor in and water, rodents, and bugs out. ProSaver lids are for food service use. They are see-through and have a window that flips or slides open for easy accessibility.

Brute Square Containers

The square design of these containers holds up to 14 percent more product than their round counterparts. These squared units are stackable and have nesting handles for side-by-side use. Tight-fitting lids help keep dry goods dry. They are available in 28- and 40-gallon sizes.

Mega Brute Mobile Collectors

The Mega Brute mobile collector offers 120 gallons of waste management capacity. Suitable for both waste and linen collection, the collector will accommodate a 55-gallon liner as well as a 23-gallon Slim Jim® container which can make sorting a simpler task. The rear doors make emptying the container easy. The collector has two 12-inch wheels and a 5-inch caster that enables the unit to turn on its axis for efficient maneuverability. It also has an onboard storage area for extra liners or cleaning supplies.

Brute Rollout Containers

These containers come in seven colors and have a well-balanced design that keeps them stable during high winds or on uneven surfaces. They are available in 50-, 65-, and 90-gallon capacities, and their hinged lids fit securely and lock into place. Seamless design prevents leaks and makes for easy cleaning. The steel and molded-in catch bars will work with all automated lift systems, and inset wheels provide easy mobility without damaging walls and doorways. Medical and confidential document versions have locking mechanisms for safety and privacy.


A number of accessories will help you get the most out of your Rubbermaid Brute trash cans. Dollies, caddies, and caddy bags help move your containers and organize your supplies:

  • Brute Dollies: Dollies are available in both round and square types. Twist on/off action keeps containers fully secure while moving. Three-inch swivel casters offer easy mobility through work areas. Quiet dollies eliminate 88 percent of dolly noise, making them ideal for nursing homes and hospitals. These dollies can be hooked together and pulled using a handle, making your entire waste management system easy to move for cleaning, or emptying. The dollies hold between 200 and 250 pounds per platform.
  • Brute Rim Caddies: Brute rim caddies snap securely onto 44-gallon containers. They hold spray bottles, safety signs, long-handled cleaning tools, and replacement trash can liners. These are made of durable, seamless plastic for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.
  • Brute Caddy Bags: Heavy-duty, easy to clean vinyl bags will organize all your cleaning supplies, making them mobile and convenient. With several elastic pockets and an adjustable strap, you can easily convert your 20-, 32-, or 44-gallon Brute container into a centralized cleaning solution. The bags are available in yellow or black for the Executive Series.