Rubbermaid Pitcher & Beverage Dispenser

Rubbermaid beverage dispensers and pitchers make it easy to keep customers' glasses replenished and athletes hydrated. Whether you're pouring a tall glass of iced tea in a restaurant or drenching your coach with a celebratory sports drink shower, Rubbermaid has you covered. More

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Rubbermaid FG3062PRPERI
Rubbermaid FG3062PRPERI 2-1/4-qt Pitcher with Lid - Periwinkle

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Rubbermaid FG306409WHT
Rubbermaid FG306409WHT 2-qt Mixing Pitcher - Poly White

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Most servers will agree that keeping a customer's glass filled has a direct impact on the way the customer rates his entire restaurant experience. Having cool beverages available for large groups, especially when that group consists of athletes, is similarly important. With beverage dispensers and pitchers from Rubbermaid, satisfying your patrons' or your athletes' thirst is simple.

Beverage Dispensers

The simplest dispensers are available in 3- and 5-gallon sizes with interchangeable, polycarbonate tanks that are available in amber for tea and clear for lemonade, punch, or other beverages. This economical option includes the tank, base, drain tray, lid, and labels for iced tea and lemonade. The plastic spigot helps prevent spills and drips to keep the beverage area neat and sanitary.

Insulated cold beverage dispensers are a necessity for sports teams, work crews, and other groups that are active outdoors. These dispensers come in 3-, 5-, and 10-gallon models. They are made of polyethylene, so the units are crack-resistant and durable. Recessed spigots and molded-in handles add convenience when storing and carrying the dispenser.

Rubbermaid Bouncer Pitchers

Rubbermaid Bouncer® pitchers are made of polycarbonate that is lightweight and durable. Chip- and break-resistant, these pitchers are dishwasher safe for optimal convenience. With a number of options at the ready, these pitchers are sure to fit most any beverage service need.

The original Bouncer® is available in 32-, 48-, 54-, 60-, and 72-ounce capacities. The 60-ounce model is available in clear or gold, while all other sizes are available in clear only. There is also a 60-ounce model that has three spouts so you can serve customers from the side of the pitcher when it is full.

The Bouncer II are available in 48- and 60-ounce sizes and are clear. They have long handles and a tapered design. The base helps add stability to the pitcher, so servers will worry less about spills during rushes. The attractive appearance of these pitchers will also add to your ambiance.

Economy and Mixing Pitchers

Economy pitchers offer 2-1/4 quart or 1 gallon capacities. They have a tight-fitting three-way lid and rugged polyethylene construction. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Front-of-house, these pitchers deliver iced beverages, while they make excellent batter storage solutions for the back. With drip-free spouts, pouring that batter into molds or pans is hassle-free.

Mixing pitchers are 2-quart vessels that have a mixing mechanism to aid in sweetening drinks or mixing drinks from powder. The wide, open top is easy to clean and the rugged polyethylene construction makes it dishwasher safe. The have a temperature rating of -20 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, making them suitable for cold or hot applications. Their strong handles and drip-free spouts make them a great option for both front- and back-of-house applications.