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Restaurant plates are the most versatile pieces in your dinnerware collection, capable of serving everything from salads and appetizers to entrees through to dessert. Our most popular entrée dinner plates measure 9 and 10 inches in diameter. Stock up on smaller 5- and 6-inch restaurant dishes to serve small plates, appetizers, and desserts. Traditional rimmed plates are a safe bet for virtually any concept, but it's understood that wider rims denote a more formal presentation. Coupe plates - plates with no rims - provide a more contemporary aesthetic but can worked into both upscale and casual place settings. The majority of restaurant dinner plates are formed with rolled edges, a design characteristic that helps protect the edge of the plate from chipping and breaking if it's dropped or mishandled.

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Tuxton CIE-060
Tuxton CIE-060 6" Round Saucer - China, Island Blue

KaTom #: 424-CIE060

In Stock
$65.85 / 2 Dozen
Tuxton CPE-060
Tuxton CPE-060 6" Round Saucer - China, Papaya

KaTom #: 424-CPE060

In Stock
$65.85 / 2 Dozen
Tuxton CQA-090
Tuxton CQA-090 9" Round Concentrix Plate - Ceramic, Cayenne

KaTom #: 424-CQA090

$126.86 / 2 Dozen
Tuxton CSA-090
Tuxton CSA-090 9" Round Concentrix Plate - Ceramic, Saffron

KaTom #: 424-CSA090

In Stock
$126.86 / 2 Dozen
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