Five Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket With Restaurant Equipment Purchases

Restaurant Equipment Purchases

Making a restaurant equipment purchase can be an exciting time, sort of like having a baby except without the expectation that you call your distant family to tell them about your new arrival. Not only do you get the chance to work on some new kitchen supplies, you also might be able to save a considerable amount of money. But how do you make sure you do?

To answer that, we’ve provided some of the most common and easiest ways to put some of your folding money back in your pocket when it comes time to settle up with the house for an order.

1. Find kitchen & restaurant supplies that are more efficient

To save money in your commercial kitchen, all you have to do is look to the stars – the ENERGY STARS. An ENERGY STAR-rated commercial refrigerator or freezer could save more than 45 percent of the energy used by other models, which means $140 in your pocket per refrigerator and $100 for each freezer. Bathroom sink faucets with sensors in them automatically stop the flow of water if there isn’t a person there actually using it, meaning only the water that is necessary is used. Meanwhile, a commercial food steamer certified by ENERGY STAR can save an astounding $450-820 per year, depending on fuel, by cutting both water and electric usage.

2. Tax credits, rebates, & other incentives

Not only can an efficient piece of restaurant equipment pay for itself in cost savings, there may also be incentives available to help you pay for the initial costs. Some government agencies offer low-interest loans to help finance those purchases and there may even be opportunities for tax credits or rebates on ENERGY STAR purchases in your area. Talk to your tax professional for complete information on what might be available for you. You can also visit visit online for ideas on what tax credits could benefit your restaurant.

3. New equipment can enable you to increase profit potential

Whether your old unit is worn out or you’re just considering moving to a more high-end model, there may be opportunities for you to make up the purchase price with a better product. Researchers at the Columbia Business School determined

4. Buying NEW restaurant equipment saves money for the long run

The reasoning here is pretty much the same as buying a new car without that famously ridiculous depreciation. When you buy your kitchen cookware new, you’re likely to get a warranty of a year or three years or five years, maybe even for the lifetime of certain restaurant pieces. However, when you purchase used equipment, that coverage, if it’s still in effect, often doesn’t transfer to the new owner, which means you’re stuck holding the bill if something goes wrong. And something is more likely to go wrong when you’re buying something used. Perhaps, despite what the salesman may have told you, the previous owner wasn’t actually a kindly elderly lady who only used that battery of four fryers once or twice a week. Maybe the previous owner was actually a rock band that used the fryers as a prop to break its guitars over during nightly shows. On top of that, as good as it has gotten, restaurant equipment and cookware still doesn’t last forever. If you’re paying two-thirds the price of new for a piece that is already halfway through its expected useful life, you’re getting a bad deal.

5. Economy models that stand up to the commercial kitchen

OK, we know we were just praising buying high-quality restaurant equipment, and any time that’s an option and it makes sense for your operation, we recommend it. However, it’s not always feasible or necessary to buy at that level. Sometimes the restaurant equipment is just too expensive and sometimes you’re only likely to need it infrequently, which could make that extra expense needless. In those cases, there is a long list of economy models produced by the same companies as the higher-end models, so they’re still made to last. Fortunately, they come with a price tag that makes them perfect for lower volume establishments or if you need a bargain.

Make your restaurant equipment work for you

Obviously there’s plenty of motivation for you to find efficient models for your commercial kitchen that can pay you back for buying them. The key is to do your research, compare units, and find ones that both meet the suggestions on this list and also meet your restaurant’s needs.