Freezer & Refrigerator Thermometers

Even if your refrigeration equipment has a built-in thermometer, it pays to double check its accuracy against a separate refrigerator thermometer to ensure that temperatures are consistent throughout the equipment's cabinet. Many operators are surprised to find that temperatures can vary widely across different parts of a cooler's interior. Some degree of variation can be expected, based on the design of the equipment's air distribution system, but if a fridge thermometer reveals that your cooler is unable to hold temperatures at 41 degrees F or lower, it should be taken out of service immediately, diagnosed, and repaired or retired. A freezer thermometer can tell you if your equipment is holding the 0 degrees F that's optimal for storing frozen food. In some places, health code regulations actually require each of these types of thermometer, sometimes even mandating several of them be used in each cooler or freezer.

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