Spreader Plate

In order to create a separation between cooking equipment like ranges, charbroilers, and griddles, spreader cabinets offer a place to set dishes, utensils, and other items while cooking. Typically, they’ll be made of stainless steel, and many will have cabinets underneath, further maximizing your space. Some have adjustable legs to ensure that your range line will be level, and some have casters, making them highly mobile for cleaning. Some of these spreader plates will even have additional shelving above the workspace for plated dishes or ingredients.

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Vulcan-Hart VWT36 NG
Vulcan-Hart VWT36 NG 36-in Heavy Duty Range, Work Top, Modular, NG

SKU: 207-VWT36NG

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Vulcan-Hart VWT24 LP
Vulcan-Hart VWT24 LP 24-in Heavy Duty Range, Work Top, Modular, LP

SKU: 207-VWT24LP

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