Randell for Your Commercial Kitchen

Update Your Food Prep with Randell

Randell, part of Unified Brands, manufactures high-quality refrigeration and specialty pieces in the United States. Below, you can learn more about Randell refrigeration equipment and how it can benefit your commercial kitchen.

The Advantages of Randell Equipment

As you look through the Randell catalog, you will notice a wide variety of refrigerated equipment that may include the following standard features:

  • A front-breathing refrigeration system allows each unit to be installed without any clearance on the sides or back. Refrigerated equipment without this feature may require between 2 and 6 inches of clearance.
  • The convertible refrigeration system includes an electronic control that allows a unit to be used as a freezer or a refrigerator, since the temperature can be set between -5 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Worktop refrigerators and chef bases may have marine edges, which are surface edges that are raised to contain potential spills.
  • Equipment constructed of stainless steel, a durable food-grade metal that is resistant to rust and can be easily cleaned.

Below, you can learn more about standard features that are available on specific types of Randell refrigeration.

Randell Refrigeration

Undercounter refrigerators are often installed in commercial kitchens requiring additional cold storage in an area of the kitchen that cannot accommodate room for a full-size unit. They may also be used to create functional cold storage near a prep area that doesn't require the amount of storage provided by a reach-in.

A blast chiller may be installed to ensure an operation meets HACCP guidelines, since these units can bring food from a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in 120 minutes or less.

If you have more flexibility in your layout, you may wish to create a freestanding work station by installing a worktop refrigerator, a unit that provides employees with refrigeration under a countertop. Randell also offers full-size floor models.

Randell Chef Bases

Like worktop refrigerators, chef bases can be used to create a freestanding work station. However, these are meant to hold countertop equipment such as slicers, mixers, deep fryers, and charbroilers, and provide cold storage space in the drawers below. This allows chefs to keep ingredients properly stored and easily accessible while they complete the vital food prep that must be done each day in hectic kitchens.

Every chef base from Randell's FX Series includes a patented in-drawer cooling system. With this system, all cooling power is focused on the drawer inserts, which are removable and insulated for efficiency. This refrigeration system ceases to operate when the drawer is opened, saving energy and improving performance.

Chef base drawers can usually accommodate a single full-size pan measuring 4 inches deep.

Randell Prep Tables

Randell offers prep tables for pizza and for salads and sandwiches, the difference being that pizza prep tables generally include deeper cutting boards to accommodate pizzas of various diameters. Randell prep tables are available with raised or recessed pan rails designed to hold food pans measuring 6 inches deep.

These units may also include individual temperature controls for the refrigerated base and pan rail, allowing operators to shut off the pan rail when it is not in use while the base storage refrigeration remains on. This feature can make a Randell prep table as much as 60 percent more energy efficient than traditional prep tables.

Randell Drop-ins

Drop-in refrigerators can be easily installed into existing countertops. Randell offers a line of drop-in cold food units that can hold between two and five full-size food pans, helping you keep menu items ready to serve at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. To provide operators with more installation flexibility, these come standard with compressor housings that can be rotated 90 degrees.

Other drop-ins are designed for specialty applications and can help operators create better workflows. For example, a drop-in ice bin with a capacity of 40 pounds can be installed in a busy bar area to make it easier for bartenders and servers to quickly prepare drink orders.

Randell Hot Food Tables

In addition to refrigeration equipment, Randell provides hot food tables that can be used to create buffet-style serving lines. These can have three, four, or five wells designed to hold one full-size food pan each. To make the unit functional for both diners and employees, the units may include a cutting board on one side and a tray slide on the other. The wet-operated food wells may be individually controlled, so wells not currently in use can be turned off to conserve energy.