Pot & Pan Washers

A pot and pan washer is designed to easily get stuck-on food off cookware. Besides pots and pans, mixer bowls, trays, and food pans often get washed in them. A wide variety is available, including single and double rack models and straight-line and corner designs.

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Champion LD-20-E 2403
Champion LD-20-E 2403 Pot & Pan Washer w/ Single Rack & Booste...

SKU: 462-LD20E2403

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Champion PP-28 4803
Champion PP-28 4803 Pot & Pan Washer, Rack-Type w/ Auto-Fill &...

SKU: 462-PP284803

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Champion SD-10-E 4803
Champion SD-10-E 4803 Pot & Pan Washer w/ Rack & Built-in Boos...

SKU: 462-SD10E4803

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Champion LD-10-S 24803
Champion LD-10-S 24803 Pot & Pan Washer w/ Single Rack & Built...

SKU: 462-LD10S4803

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Champion LD-12-CPT-S 2403
Champion LD-12-CPT-S 2403 Pot & Pan Washer w/ Single Rack & St...

SKU: 462-LD12CPTS2403

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Champion LD-20-PT-S 2403
Champion LD-20-PT-S 2403 Pot & Pan Washer w/ 2-Racks, Straight-Thr...

SKU: 462-LD20PTS2403

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