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Pizza holding cabinets provide a space to store pizzas and keep them warm between baking and serving. Not only do pizza warming cabinets keep your pies at an appetizing temperature, their heat also protects the pizzas from potential bacterial growth and ensures you can serve your customers a safe product. Models differ in size, heat output, insulation, and mobility, which enables operators to choose a heated pizza cabinet that fits their individual needs. We'll go over KaTom's selection of pizza warming cabinets below and then answer some common questions. More

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Alto Shaam 500-PH/GD-QS
Alto Shaam 500-PH/GD-QS 1/2 Height Halo Heat® Pizza Holding Cabinet w/ (13) Box Capacity, 120v

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Common Questions About Pizza Holding Cabinets

How large a pizza cabinet do I need?

On the product page, pizza cabinets will have their capacity listed in the number of either boxes or standard restaurant pans they can hold. As different establishments will make different sized pizzas, it's important to calculate the room your specific pies will need. Each model will have a holding diameter listed so you can compare the model's capacity against the sizes of your pies. Larger cabinets will typically be more expensive, but a cabinet that won't hold your product isn't particularly useful.

Larger units will also use more power to keep themselves warm, which will lead to higher utility bills. This cost might be unavoidable if you're planning on catering large events, for example, but if you only need a place to hold a few pizzas until they're picked up, a smaller unit will suffice. Consider also how much space you have available for the holding cabinet. If you want to keep it on a countertop, you'll need one of the smaller units. If you plan on baking a large variety of pizzas before they're purchased, you'll need far more storage than if you only need to keep a few pies warm until they're picked up.

Do I need a mobile pizza hot holding cabinet?

Many of our pizza hot holding cabinets come equipped with casters so they can be moved easily. This is particularly valuable for operations that plan on catering or will not need a pizza holding cabinet all the time. With a mobile cabinet, operators can store it away when it isn't needed, increasing available floor space in the kitchen or serving area. Caterers can purchase an insulated warming cabinet that will heat and hold that heat during transit, so your pizzas taste like they're fresh out of the oven. Ensure that whatever unit you choose can maintain heat for the time necessary to transport. If your pizza falls below safe temperatures, bacteria can begin to grow and make your pies unsafe for consumption after a time.

What sort of outlet do I need for my heated pizza cabinet?

Each individual cabinet will have its power requirements listed on the product page. We carry small models that require a standard 120-volt outlet and larger cabinets that need more power since they provide more heat. Consult your establishment's maintenance team or maintenance documentation to ensure you can provide the power necessary to run whichever model you choose.

Do I need a pass-thru or glass door pizza cabinet?

Pass-through cabinets enable operators to access their pizzas from both sides of the cabinet. This can be very helpful in certain business layouts, such as if you have two sales stations that both need access to stored pizzas at the same time. Most pizza cabinets have glass doors so operators can see which pizza they need before opening the door—this keeps heat inside the cabinet, saving on utilities over time. Some of our models can be fitted with stainless steel doors if the operator prefers.

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