Perlick Provides Back Bar Solutions

Premium Bar Equipment From Perlick

The Perlick Corporation began as R. Perlick Brassworks a century ago in Milwaukee, where the company is still headquartered today. The company made its entry into foodservice equipment manufacturing fittings for ice-cooled equipment, and in 1933 began manufacturing some of the earliest-available commercial electric refrigeration equipment. Throughout the 20th century, the company added sophisticated bar equipment to its portfolio, from draft beer systems to bottle coolers. Today, Perlick offers nearly every piece of equipment it takes to outfit a commercial bar.

A Comprehensive Line of Refrigeration Equipment

If you are updating your bar setup to better match your current business needs, there's a good chance that your vision can be brought to life with the company's offerings. Perlick refrigerators include all the standard back-bar equipment you're likely to need.

  • Wine coolers come with energy-efficient solid doors or glass doors that show off the wines you have available.
  • Glass chillers keep your mugs and pint glasses frosty to serve refreshing beers that stay cold for longer.
  • Bottle coolers with lift-up lids let you store cases of bottled and canned beers efficiently to give your bartenders quick access to your patrons' favorite bottled brews.
  • Undercounter coolers with swinging or sliding doors offer general-purpose storage solutions. Choose a glass door cooler that faces customers to give them a good glimpse of your selection of bottled and canned drinks

Essential Bar Fixtures

In addition to those heavy-duty refrigeration pieces, Perlick provides quality stainless steel bar fixtures to better organize your back bar and streamline your bartenders' routines.

  • Liquor display units for organizing and showcasing your most important liquors and mix-ins.
  • Bar sinks with one, two, or four sections for emptying drinks, cleaning hands, or a full three-basin dishwashing setup.
  • Drainboards for quickly and hygienically drying just-washed wares.
  • Blender stations with dump sinks to efficiently blend drinks and clean jars between batches.
  • Underbar glass storage units with drainboards on top and shelves underneath for storing clean drinkware.
  • Cocktail stations that combine all the equipment you need to make cocktail prep quick and efficient

Perlick Draft Beer Systems

No bar worth frequenting is complete without a draft beer system for serving fresh-from-the-tap brews. Perlick has a number of innovations in that area, too. That includes its Arctic Pour glycol beer system, which can equip a bar of any size to deliver cold beer from the cooler to the bar, keeping it at the optimal serving temperature along the way.

The Arctic Pour system can be equipped with an optional flash chiller that cools beer an extra 6 degrees from the 38 degree keg temperature that's the standard held by walk-in coolers. That setup lets you serve several of your beers at the ice cold temperatures patrons crave while serving others at the slightly warmer 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The flash chiller can also be used to compensate for coolers that tend to stay a few degrees warmer than they should because they are used to store other products and are opened frequently.

The Arctic Pour system's unique indoor/outdoor refrigeration deck can be located outside your building to reduce the amount of electricity required to run it, taking the heat load off of your HVAC system and helping you save on the monthly electric bill.

Custom Back Bar Solutions

If you don't see the solution you need on our website we can build a custom installation for you from Perlick's hundreds of items. You can order a custom Perlick refrigerator to your specs with the following options.

  • Standard, white wine, or red wine temperatures
  • Stainless steel and laminate tops and sides
  • Condensing unit located on the left or on the right
  • For glass door sections, Crisp White™ or Cool Blue™ LED lights
  • A grill finish of black pre-coat, stainless steel, or laminate over black
  • A number of storage options, including drawers, wire shelving, wine racks, and cut out shelving

In addition to the items listed above, the company can also provide Perlick kegerators, glasswashers, coolers, liquor merchandisers, and suites of underbar equipment in virtually any combination you can dream up. Get in touch with one of our design professionals at 1-800-541-8683 to get started on your project.