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Choose the right paper towel dispenser based on the towels you use in your establishment. The three most common types of paper towels are round roll, C-fold, and multifold. C-fold paper towels have two folds that result in a shape resembling the letter C, while multifold towels form a zig-zag shape, creating an interlocking chain of towels to facilitate dispensing. More

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Common Questions About Paper Towel Dispensers

What options do I have for touch-free automatic towel dispensers?

KaTom offers many different options for touch-free automatic dispensers that work with roll-style towels. These products are powered either by batteries or an electrical power supply. Be sure to read the product description for more information on what is needed to power your desired product.

What is the difference between rolled and folded paper towels?

Paper towel rolls can be dispensed by a lever, crank, or an automatic sensor that dispenses the towel for the user. The automatic sensor is widely used since it is the most sanitary option and also reduces waste. With the automatic dispenser, the same length of paper towel will dispense each use.

If paper towel rolls are not what you want to use, folded paper towel dispensers are another option. When using folded paper towels, a major advantage is that more paper towels can fit inside the dispenser, limiting how often you need to refill the product. Be sure to read the product description to find out what type of paper towels will work with the dispenser you choose.

What is the best paper towel dispenser to prevent vandalism?

If you're worried about product vandalism, look at our stainless steel options. Since plastic products are easy to scratch, they are also likely to be vandalized. Stainless steel is much harder to scratch, and there are ways to repair stainless steel if it is damaged. This can give you more confidence in the longevity of your product.

What are the different installation options for paper towel dispensers?

Different sized room configurations will call for a different style of installation for your paper towel dispensers. There are three different installation options for dispensers that KaTom carries. For areas with more countertop space, a countertop dispenser would likely be a good fit for your needs. In this style, the paper towels are recessed into the counter top, which users then pull straight up for use.

A second option is a wall-mounted unit. These products are installed on a wall and stick out from 4 to 12 inches. If you don't want your dispenser sticking out of the wall, you may prefer the third option: a recessed paper towel dispenser. These products help save counter space by being installed into the wall, and some even offer a bottom part designed to act as a trash can.

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