Narrow Rim China

Simple lines give this narrow rim China its charm and appeal. Versatile and adaptable, this collection will feel at home in most any dining room.

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Bon Chef 1031S BLK
Bon Chef 1031S BLK 7.75-in Dessert Plate, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1031SBLK

$200.64 / Dozen
Bon Chef 1031S WH
Bon Chef 1031S WH 7.75-in Dessert Plate, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1031SWH

$200.64 / Dozen
Bon Chef 1033P
Bon Chef 1033P 9-in Dessert Plate, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-1033P

$108.24 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1033S BLK
Bon Chef 1033S BLK 9-in Dessert Plate, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1033SBLK

$116.13 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1033S WH
Bon Chef 1033S WH 9-in Dessert Plate, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1033SWH

$116.13 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1034P
Bon Chef 1034P 10.5-in Dinner Plate, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-1034P

$71.24 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 1034S BLK
Bon Chef 1034S BLK 10.5-in Dinner Plate, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1034SBLK

$89.75 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 1034S WH
Bon Chef 1034S WH 10.5-in Dinner Plate, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1034SWH

$89.75 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 1080P
Bon Chef 1080P Salad Plate, 7-1/8-in, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-1080P

$87.12 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1080S BLK
Bon Chef 1080S BLK Salad Plate, 7-1/8-in, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1080SBLK

$110.85 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1080S WH
Bon Chef 1080S WH Salad Plate, 7-1/8-in, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1080SWH

$110.85 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 2450S BLK
Bon Chef 2450S BLK 13-in Plate, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-2450SBLK

$43.67 / Each
Bon Chef 2450S WH
Bon Chef 2450S WH 13-in Plate, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-2450SWH

$43.67 / Each
Bon Chef 3021P
Bon Chef 3021P Saucer, 6-3/8-in, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-3021P

$71.31 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 3021S BLK
Bon Chef 3021S BLK Saucer, 6-3/8-in, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-3021SBLK

$81.81 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 3021S WH
Bon Chef 3021S WH Saucer, 6-3/8-in, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-3021SWH

$81.81 / Pack of 6
Oneida F9000000139
Oneida F9000000139 Cream White Narrow Rim Plate, Buffalo, Round

KaTom #: 324-F9000000139

$74.09 / 2 Dozen
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