Mozo Chef Shoes: Comfort and Style

Mozo Shoes Offer Comfort and Style

It's no secret that working in a foodservice establishment means being on your feet for extended periods of time, sometimes for more than 12 hours. Trying to meet this demand in the wrong shoes can leave your feet feeling tired and sore. Whether you're performing duties in the front or back of house as a chef, line cook, bus boy, server, or host, you're probably looking for shoes that can provide long-lasting comfort without sacrificing style.

Mozo Shoes, owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, seeks to provide chefs and other restaurant employees with just that. Mozo designers teamed up with renowned chefs Aarón Sánchez, Chris Cosentino, Marcus Samuelsson, and Cat Cora to design footwear for men and women that would withstand the demands of the hectic foodservice environment. Just as importantly, these shoes provide a stylish alternative to unattractive footwear that does little more than meet safety standards.

Clogs, Sneakers, and More

Mozo offers several styles specific to men and women. Those who prefer wearing clogs in the kitchen will appreciate the Forza, a signature clog style which comes in versions for men and women, both in black. The Fresco and Divine clogs for women feature three-inch heels, and are available in black or brown to match any kitchen uniform.

Some of the company's most popular shoes are those designed to look like sneakers. Men's versions include the Gallant, Natural, and Maverick, all of which are available in subtle color combinations of black, gray, and white. The women's sneaker, the Maven, comes in black, red, and gray. Most of these sneaker styles can conveniently be worn as slip-ons or lace-ups.

Rounding out the design options are Sharkz, a spin on men's loafers that are available in solid black or in black with red skull accents, and the Sport and Fab shoes, which are women's slip-ons available in black, gray, teal, purple, red, and pink.

What's In A Shoe?

Each pair of Mozo shoes is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, providing the wearer with all-day comfort. They are equipped with slip-resistant outsoles for superior traction, helping you dodge liquid spills and navigate newly-mopped floors without worrying about losing your balance. Gel insoles in every pair add extra cushioning, while an elasticized foot entry will ensure your shoes offer a comfortable fit and are easy to put on and take off.

Materials used to construct Mozo chef shoes vary depending on the design, but include water-resistant canvas, different types of leather, and other synthetic supplies. Each style is also equipped with a protective toe cap. To keep feet dry, especially in hot kitchens, most shoe designs include a side ventilation feature and moisture management technology. Sneaker-style shoes are equipped with a heel counter to add stability, and heeled women's shoes include an arch bridge for stability and weight distribution.

Don't Forget Your Socks

For even better comfort and performance, consider pairing your work shoes with Mozo socks, which are designed with Drymax® and MicroZap® technology to prevent blisters, cut down on odor, and keep feet dry. These socks are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large, so you'll be able to find the perfect fit.