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Merrychef parts include cooking plates and baskets as well as associated pieces like a griddle carrier handle. There are also a number of Merrychef accessories available to make cooking simpler, including egg rings, turners, and cool down pans. Keep your menu items in mind when considering which parts and accessories will work best for your kitchen. More

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Merrychef P80015
Merrychef P80015 Teflon Basket, Large Mesh

KaTom #: 624-P80015

$51.06 / Each
Merrychef 32Z4023
Merrychef 32Z4023 Oven Protecter Spray

KaTom #: 624-32Z4023CS

$80.16 / Case of 6
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Common Questions About Merrychef Parts and Accessories

Which baskets and cooking plates do I need for my Merrychef oven?

The cooking surfaces you will need will be dictated by the products you are going to cook. Proteins, such as chicken breasts or salmon steaks, will likely need either a solid base or a griddle plate, while items that need to crisp, such as potato wedges or breaded onion rings, may benefit more from a perforated basket. If you will be using a griddle, be sure to also get a griddle carrier handle to aid in removing it from the oven when hot.

What cleaning supplies do I need for a high speed oven?

Merrychef oven cleaner is a non-caustic cleaning solution available for cleaning the inside of Merrychef ovens. Once the interior is clean, a protector is also available to help keep food from sticking. To help keep the outside clean, a stainless steel cleaner can be used on the exterior of the oven.

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