Based in France, Matfer offers high-quality kitchen tools to help with everything from sautéeing to whisking. Using high quality supplies, Matfer produces turners, cookware, whisks, pastry supplies, disposables, salad spinners, and other food prep equipment. More

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Matfer 165019
Matfer 165019 18" Disposable Pastry Bag Roll, Polyethylene

KaTom #: 347-165019

$12.50 / Pack of 100
Matfer 112420
Matfer 112420 12" Slotted Spatula - Exoglass, Gray

KaTom #: 347-112420

$8.99 / Each
Matfer 112421
Matfer 112421 12" Slotted Spatula - Exoglass, Blue

KaTom #: 347-112421

$9.99 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Matfer Products

What are the different types of whisks?

Matfer sells three types of whisks: piano, egg, and rigid. Each one has a heat-resistant Exoglass handle, but the whisk shapes vary depending on their intended application. Read on to learn more about which Matfer whisk is best for your kitchen.

  • The piano whisk, also called a balloon whisk due to its shape, is the most versatile and beneficial whisk to have on hand. Ideal for thin- to medium-thickness products, the piano whisk can be used for cream, egg whites, and some batters.
  • Matfer's egg whisk has a wider, more rounded shape with wires that are designed to resist twisting while in use. Because this whisk is wider than the piano whisk, it is best suited for use in bowls with rounded bottoms, as it cannot get into corners.
  • The rigid whisk, also called a French whisk, has thicker stainless steel wires and less of a bulge at the end, creating a strong whisk that can power through thicker batters such as pancake or waffle batter. Because it is thinner at the tip, it is also more efficient for reaching into corners than balloon and piano whisks.

What is Exoglass?

Exoglass is a proprietary material developed by Matfer that is used in a wide range of its products. It is a nonstick, heat-resistant composite of resin and fiberglass. Matfer Exoglass is used in many of the company's pastry tools and nonstick bakeware. Many Matfer utensils are also made of Exoglass.

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