Manual Can Openers

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Vollrath BCO-1
Vollrath BCO-1 Manual Can Opener - 16" Bar Length, Stainless

KaTom #: 175-BCO1

Vollrath BCO-4
Vollrath BCO-4 CanMaster Can Opener - Manual, 16" Bar Length, Stainles...

KaTom #: 175-BCO4

Edlund U-12
Edlund U-12 Manual Can Opener w/ Plated Base

KaTom #: 034-U12

$191.50 / Each
Vollrath BCO-12
Vollrath BCO-12 1" Can Opener Gear

KaTom #: 175-BCO12

Vollrath BCO-14
Vollrath BCO-14 Quick-Release Replacement Cartridge - BCO-60, BCO-70

KaTom #: 175-BCO14

Vollrath BCO-15
Vollrath BCO-15 Quick-Release Replacement Cartridge - BCO-20, BCO-30

KaTom #: 175-BCO15

Focus 407WH
Focus 407WH Portable White Can Opener, Swing-A-Way

KaTom #: 268-407WH

In Stock
$37.98 / Set of 6
Vollrath BCO-2000
Vollrath BCO-2000 Medium-Duty Manual Can Opener - 16" Bar Length, Yell...

KaTom #: 175-BCO2000

In Stock

Vollrath BCO-3
Vollrath BCO-3 Can Opener Base - BCO-2, BCO-5

KaTom #: 175-BCO3

Vollrath BCO-3000
Vollrath BCO-3000 Medium-Duty Manual Can Opener - 25" Bar Length, Yell...

KaTom #: 175-BCO3000

In Stock

Vollrath BCO-5000
Vollrath BCO-5000 Heavy-Duty Manual Can Opener - 16" Bar Length, Blue...

KaTom #: 175-BCO5000

In Stock

Vollrath BCO6000
Vollrath BCO6000 Heavy-Duty Manual Can Opener - 25" Bar Length, Blue C...

KaTom #: 175-BCO6000

In Stock

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