Energy-efficient Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Makers

New Levels of Efficiency with Manitowoc Indigo NXT

Whether you operate a fast-casual restaurant or a busy hotel, the engineers at Manitowoc, a Welbilt brand, understand the value of having a reliable commercial ice machine that does not drain your resources. That's why Indigo NXT ice machines, the newest entry in Manitowoc's Indigo series, are designed to comply with and even exceed the latest energy standards. The NXT models include a number of features that offer operators more energy efficient ways to produce the full- and half-cube ice their restaurants depend on.

Indigo NXT Efficiency Features

Forty-eight percent less global warming potential. These ice makers use R410A refrigerant, an environmentally friendly alternative to CFC refrigerants like R22. Many CFC refrigerants are being phased out in favor of HFC refrigerants, which does not pose as much of a threat to the ozone layer.

All models are AHRI certified. Commercial ice makers in the Indigo NXT series are certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. The AHRI1 validates important aspects of the machines' performance, such as ice harvest rate, condenser water usage, and energy consumption.

Compliant with DOE 2018 standards. The most recent Department of Energy standards for commercial ice makers went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Much like the AHRI program, these standards address operational factors like pound-per-hour production rate, and energy and water consumption.

Lower utility costs. Because they are designed to meet the newest standards, the Indigo NXT ice machines require less energy and water than previous models to produce the same amount of ice. Manitowoc estimates that, on average, NXT models consume 12 percent less energy and 23 percent less water, potentially saving operators thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment.

Acoustical ice sensor. Instead of depending on timers to determine when to harvest ice the way traditional ice machines do, Manitowoc Indigo NXT machines are equipped with acoustical ice sensors that emit sonic waves to measure the thickness of the ice on their evaporator plates. The sensor signals for the machine to enter its harvest cycle when optimum thickness has been achieved. This improves the machine's energy and water efficiency by ensuring it doesn't use more water or electricity than necessary for the ice-making process.

Programmable scheduling. To avoid wasting energy and water during times when new ice doesn't need to be produced, such as when your business is closed, Indigo NXT ice machines can be programmed with customized production settings. They can also be programmed according to your daily ice needs, rather than by on and off times.

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