Energy Improvements for Indigo

Manitowoc Indigo is More Energy-Efficient than Ever
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The folks at Manitowoc Ice have been producing ice machines since 1964 and have continuously worked to perfect their offerings. The company has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2001 and Partner of the Year since 2010. With the goal of creating the most energy-efficient machines available, the Manitowoc engineers set out to redesign their Indigo line, introducing the Indigo i906 series in 2013.

Looking to the Future

While the i906 predecessor, the Indigo i850 series, was already ENERGY STAR certified, energy efficiency is a moving target. The new Manitowoc Indigo ice maker line not only meets current ENERGY STAR specifications, it exceeds them in an attempt to look ahead to future standards revisions. These new models use less water and power, without detracting from the units' ice making capability.

The Indigo i906 series uses only 19 gallons of water to make 100 pounds of ice, 5 percent less than the Indigo i850. The machines in this series use 10 percent less electricity on average to make 100 pounds of ice.

In addition to ENERGY STAR certification, Manitowoc Indigo has been certified by a number of other organizations, so you can be sure you are getting a safe, energy-efficient product:

  • California Low Lead Qualified: Contains less than .25 percent weighted lead content.
  • AHRI Certified: Meets rigorous standards for water use rate, potable water consumption, condenser water use rate (not evaluated by ENERGY STAR), energy consumption, ice hardness, and storage capacity on self-contained models.
  • NSF Certified: Certified to be made from food-safe materials and designed for easy cleaning, and perform as intended.
  • cULus Listed: Tested to electrical standards by the Underwriters Laboratories to be sure the units are safe for use and compatible with electrical systems in the U.S. and Canada.
  • CE Listed: Stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity), and means that the Indigo ice maker line can be manufactured and sold in the European Economic Area, as it conforms with any applicable European Union legislation.

Manitowoc Indigo Features

The Indigo ice machines have many useful features to make using and maintaining the equipment as simple as possible. The blue illuminated EasyRead screen displays 24-hour preventive maintenance information and diagnostic feedback provided by the Intelligent Diagnostics program, as well as the machine's current operating status. The acoustical ice sensing probe ensures that ice production remains constant even when water conditions are less than optimal.

Indigo ice makers are also easy to keep clean. The front door swings out to provide easy access to the food zone, and the water trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes are removable for cleaning. The exterior features a DuraTech™ coating, which prevents corrosion and helps resist fingerprints and dirt.

In order to ensure the machine is not producing ice that will go to waste, the Indigo i906 series offers several ways for you to program ice production. You can program your machine to begin and end ice production at certain times, or it can stop when it has produced a certain volume of ice. Production can also be determined by bin level, but this option requires the bin level control accessory, which is sold separately.