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To make quick work of hauling bulky loads of laundry, a selection of laundry carts is available to simplify this chore. Models with a wide range of sizes are available, as are some with multiple compartments for separating items and removable bags that make loading washers easier, features that can help streamline your laundry room operations. More

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Laundry carts are often found in hospitality and institutional settings, where they're used to gather soiled linens during the housekeeping process. They're also popular for banquet and conference facilities, since employees can easily use them to collect items like cloth napkins and tablecloths for transport to a centralized laundry operation. You can also find them at exercise centers and spas, where they're used to collect soiled towels for washing.

We offer laundry carts that include both the frame and the collection bag. We also have accessories to complement your existing linen cart, including the hamper and foot pedal, which allows you to open the lid of a laundry basket without using your hands.

Bags and Frames

Bags may be vinyl or linen, and the frames are made of metal or resin. These frames are typically squared or rectangular, and some have an x-frame that helps add to its strength. Some of them even have adjustable heights to accommodate different size bags.


Casters on laundry carts are typically three or four inches in diameter and provide quiet operation, so they won't disturb guests when rolled down halls of guestrooms. Either two or all four of them usually swivel for easy maneuverability. They may also feature a brake so you can keep the cart in control when loading and unloading.

Specialty Options

For added convenience, choose from these options for your laundry cart:

  • A divided hamper lets you separate the contents of your cart. This can be especially beneficial for banquet and catering operations, since they can enable workers to keep tablecloths and napkins separate during collection. The divisions can also be used to separate types of bed linens or uniforms, helping to shave time from your laundry operation. This can also help on the other side of the process by allowing you to store and deliver fresh items in an organized fashion.
  • Choose a cart with a removable bag to allow you to clean the cart or carry linens in bulk without the cart, in the event of space limitations. The removable bags can also be cleaned easily or replaced when they become worn without having to replace the entire cart. This can help save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Heavy-duty carts are available that can hold up under constant use. Their sturdy frames will withstand overloading, continuous folding and unfolding, and abuse that comes from transporting. They typically have sturdier casters and bumper guards to keep walls safe from damage.
  • A collapsible laundry cart can be folded up and tucked away when not in use to conserve space. Once they're collapsed, they take up three quarters less space than when fully extended. This can help keep you area organized and maximize limited storage space.
  • Some have bags with pockets so you can store cleaning supplies, lost and found items, or items that should be laundered separately.
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