Lakeside's Customization Options

Lakeside Carts: Standard, Modifiable, and Custom

Carts are some of the most important and versatile tools used by any foodservice operation, and it's critical the right one be put into service for each task. With the number of standard options that Lakeside Manufacturing offers, there's a model to fit most every need. However, if the work at hand has unique requirements, Lakeside can modify an existing product or create a custom unit to get the job done.

Standard Products

The standard products offered by Lakeside cover a wide range of options that help restaurateurs transport food and equipment alike with ease. Each type of cart has multiple options, with variables for size, finish, and accessories. Below are the types of carts available from Lakeside.

Dispensing Carts

These make it easy to transport and dispense plates, trays, glasses, and flatware, and are ideal for use in banquet facilities, cafeterias, and buffets. Both ambient and heated dispensing carts are available that can hold plates of varying sizes. These carts are made of stainless steel, with vinyl and laminate finishes in a wide range of colors.

Mobile Merchandising

Mobile merchandising carts help improve profits by bringing available items directly to customers. Whether that means a cooking cart that can be transported to a dining room or a mobile kiosk, these carts help put your products in front of more customers. This category also includes waste and recycling stations, which can be placed around your business to help maintain cleanliness.

Meal Delivery Carts

Transport carts may be heated, cooled, and ambient in order to transport meals to dining areas, or rooms in hotels and healthcare facilities. Some carts are made to transport individual plates, while others are built for trays, with capacities varying from a few trays to more than 30. Caster options enable the cart to handle indoor or outdoor terrain as needed.

Storage & Transport Carts

These carts are designed to transport items around kitchens or businesses. These include utility and Queen Mary carts, which are often used to transport soiled dishes, linens, and equipment. Carts designed for more specific uses are also available, including bowl dollies, pan racks, and machine stands.

Modifiable Products

If Lakeside's selection of standard products does not include exactly what you need, you may be able to take advantage of the company's range of modifiable carts. Building on the foundation of a standard model, these can be altered without completely reworking the design. These products, which include some in each of the categories above, are marked in the Lakeside catalog and on the company's website with the bright green "Modifiable" symbol.

Modified options extend beyond those listed in the catalog. Instead of a change of color, a modified cart might include an added door or drawer. More substantially, enclosed delivery carts can be altered to provide pass-through usage. These changes are more than cosmetic, but not substantial enough to require the unit to be custom-built.

Lakeside Custom Carts

When you need a truly unique piece, Lakeside can create custom transport carts, counters, cooking stations, racks, and more. Lakeside's designers work with customers to develop the designs, providing line drawings that enable end users to easily envision what the final products will look like. Once the design is agreed upon by both Lakeside and the customer, a price is established and the product is built and shipped, in most cases in only two to four weeks.

If you're interested in creating a custom Lakeside cart for your business, call a KaTom representative at 1-800-541-8683 to begin the process.