Find an Adapter Kit to Pair Your Koolaire Ice Machine with the Right Bin

There are several good reasons to buy a Koolaire head unit and ice bin separately, instead of opting for a pre-paired combo. You may need a high-volume bin paired with a lower-volume production unit to serve a steady stream of customers throughout the day. If a lot of your business comes in rush periods, you may need a high-production head unit and a small bin. Either way, you must be careful to choose a pairing that is compatible.

Not every Koolaire head unit will fit on every bin. While many of them can be combined without the need for additional hardware, others will require adapter kits. Some pairs are incompatible altogether. Because Koolaire is manufactured by Manitowoc, some of their ice production units are also compatible with their parent company’s bins.

Making sure your head unit and ice bin fit properly together will ensure the equipment is working efficiently and not wasting energy. A proper fit will also seal out dirt and pests, helping to keep your ice clean and keeping you within health code guidelines.

Koolaire makes three sizes of ice maker heads: 22-, 30-, and 48-inches wide. They also produce bins in these same widths that will fit the same-sized head unit with no issue. To fit head units onto differently-sized bins, or to fit a Koolaire head unit onto a Manitowoc bin, an adapter kit is available. To make the pairing process a little less daunting, the company has provided this list of head and bin combinations that require an adapter. If you don’t find your desired combination on this list, that pairing is not possible.