Steam Kettle, Skillet, & Braising Pan

Restaurants and catering businesses utilize the same tools for cooking as we do in our homes but for large amounts. For example a commercial kettle can hold 20 gallons of soup, perfect for busy lunch rush. Commercial skillets can be used to brown large amounts of ground beef. Many commercial skillets tilt so that removing the cooked product is easier. For busy food businesses cooking in bulk saves money and time! Invest in a commercial skillet or commercial kettle for your hospitality business!

Large Capacity Kettle

Perfect for high volume food service needs such as catering, hospitals, cafeterias, schools and more, a large capacity kettle will allow you to produce massive...

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Tilting Kettle

Perfect for high volume cooking, a tilting kettle will allow you to make large quantities of soups, stews or stocks consistently and efficiently. Easy to use be...

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Tilting Braising Pan

Braise, grill, steam, cook or hold large amounts of food easily and quickly with a tilting braising pan. A great way to prepare large batches of stews or chili,...

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Tilting Kettle/ Cooker Mixer

Durable high volume tilting kettle cooker/mixers are perfect for hospitals, cafeterias, schools or other establishments that need to produce large quantities of...

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Tilting Skillet

Perfect forhigh volume establishments such as cafeterias, casinos, hotels or schools, a tilting skillet can be used to braise, broil, roast, boil, and fry. They...

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