Four Features that Make a Jackson Dishwasher a Wise Investment

4 Unique Benefits of Jackson Dishwashers

Jackson dishwashers are an industry leader in many of the critical areas that make the difference between a quality, reliable warewasher and one that will only bring you frustration. The benefits these units bring to the table range from peace of mind in knowing that your dishes will be properly sanitized after each and every cycle to the assurance that you're selecting some of the most energy-efficient equipment on the market.

Sani-Sure Temperature Protection

When you're using a high-temp dishwasher, like a Jackson TempStar® machine, water must reach at least 180 degrees F to ensure that any bacteria left on wares is destroyed during the final rinse cycle. If temperatures don't reach those levels, it may not be obvious to operators. That's why the Sani-Sure™ feature is included on Jackson TempStar machines with booster heaters. The technology verifies that the final rinse water has reached the proper temperature before the process starts so you'll never have to guess whether wares have been properly sanitized.

Adjust-a-Peak Conveyor Speed Control

You don't have to spend much time in the dishroom before you realize that heavily-soiled dishes require more work to get clean than others. When that means a second or third trip through the dishwasher, it also means you're wasting time and tying up valuable resources. The Adjust-a-Peak™ feature on a conveyor Jackson dish machine can be adjusted to create a longer cycle for heavily-soiled wares and shorter cycles for everyday plates and flatware. That means you'll waste less time and space in the machine sending heavily-soiled wares through with your dinnerware and instead send them through in their own dedicated cycle.

WISR and Rainbow Rinse Wash Systems

It's obvious that warewashing is a resource-intensive process, but some machines consume more water than others. Each Jackson dishwasher is made with technology that helps reduce the amount of water that's used to clean dishes. One of these is the WISR® system, standard in every CREW Series Jackson dish machine, which produces an agitating "deluge" of water to create a powerful mechanical force and remove stubborn soil from dishes. Compare that to other dishmachines that rely simply on using a higher volume of water to accomplish the same. Jackson's WISR does it with an impressive 0.35 gallons per rack.

The WISR feature is paired with another of Jackson's unique technologies, the Rainbow Rinse arm. The rinse arm's uniquely arched shape creates a spray pattern that's designed to provide maximum coverage over wares to get them clean more quickly than traditional warewashers are capable of.

ENERGY STAR Certification

Those energy- and water-saving features have earned many of Jackson's machines an ENERGY STAR certification, meaning they use significantly less electricity and water than comparable models. ENERGY STAR is a moving target; as new technologies are developed and introduced, the criteria to win certification becomes stricter, meaning the engineers at Jackson are motivated to constantly develop more efficient equipment. The savings you get by investing in that equipment translates to hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in utility bill savings.

Another feature that contributes to a Jackson dishwasher's energy efficiency is the EnergyGuard™ system, standard on the company's CREW® models, that puts the sections of the Jackson dish machine that are not in use into a low-power state. Compare this to many traditional models that run all of the machine's sections at once, even when only one rack of wares is being sent through the machine.