Serve Tender, Tastier Entrées with a Jaccard Tenderizer

4 Reasons to Put a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer to Work in Your Kitchen

As a master butcher, Andre Jaccard understood that tougher cuts of meat owe their less-than-ideal texture to a high concentration of connective fibers in the muscle. He also understood that those cuts could be made more palatable by cutting some of those fibers prior to cooking them. That's the idea behind Jaccard's mechanical meat tenderizer, which perfected that process of tenderizing meat and brought it to the United States, making his name, which he shares with the company he founded, synonymous with this process that's been adopted in countless restaurants since.

A Jaccard tenderizer utilizes several rows of thin, penetrating blades, honed to a razor sharp edge on two sides that cooks can press into any number of cuts, from steaks to chicken cutlets, and even venison and other game, to create a series of small channels that break up the tough tissue to create a more tender texture.

Jaccard's unique design features a removable tenderizing cartridge than can be separated from the unit's handle for quick and thorough cleaning. The Jaccard tenderizer has earned an NSF certification for the ease with which it's kept clean. A guard designed to protect the user's fingers travels up towards the handle along actuating columns as the tool is pressed into meat to reveal the piercing blades.

Make Meat More than Just Tender

A Jaccard meat tenderizer is an invaluable kitchen tool because of its ability to transform less expensive, naturally tough cuts of meat into tender, more appetizing entrées, but using the tool has other advantages as well.

  • Faster Cooking: The channels created by Jaccarding allow heat to quickly penetrate to the center of the meat from both sides, meaning it cooks in as little as 60 percent the time it would otherwise.
  • Better Flavor: Those channels also allow marinades, spices, and rubs to penetrate more deeply into the meat, resulting in a fuller, richer flavor.
  • More Even Cooking: A third benefit of those pierced channels is that they can help cuts that vary in thicknesses throughout cook more evenly. That solves the problem of thick cuts of meat that are overcooked near the edges and undercooked in the center.
  • Juicier Meat: Jaccarding also helps cuts retain more of their natural moisture because they doesn't contract as much as meat with more fibers intact, preventing those valuable juices from being squeezed out. That reduction in shrinkage also has the benefit of yielding larger, more appealing portions, so your customers get a larger, more succulent product than they would with a non-tenderized cut.

Jaccard Tenderizer Models

Four different versions of the Jaccard meat tenderizer are available:

200345NS with 45 blades and stainless steel actuating columns.

200345N with 45 blades and ABS actuating columns.

200315NS with 15 blades and stainless steel actuating columns.

200315N with 15 blades and ABS actuating columns.

200348 with 48 blades, stainless steel actuating columns, and a white handle and blade guard.