Intedge Aprons

Keep your employee uniforms clean and stain free longer by giving them Intedge aprons to wear as well.

Intedge Deluxe Pocket Cloth Aprons

Great for line cooks the Intedge deluxe pocket cloth apron, is a must have for any cook.

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Intedge Smocks

Intedge smocks are great for employees that need to keep their shirts clean but also need to do prep work before the restaurant opens.

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Intedge Vinyl

Another affordable to chef coats, Intedge vinyl aprons are a great addition to any kitchen.

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Intedge Half Waist Aprons

Make sure your servers look top notch with our Intedge half waist aprons.

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Intedge Three Pocket Cobbler Aprons

You're servers will look top notch with our Intedge three pocket cobbler aprons.

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Intedge 4-Way Waist Aprons

Make sure you're servers look top notch with our Intedge 4-Way waist aprons.

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