Pair your Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker with the Right Bin

Pair your Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker

While it is common to buy an ice maker head and bin combo paired together, there are several reasons you may choose to buy the two separately. If your establishment is only open for a few hours a week, you may need all of your ice at once over a short period of time. This might call for a smaller head unit with a large bin. On the other hand, a large head unit and a smaller bin might be beneficial to a business that sees most of its business in short bursts throughout the day and therefore doesn’t need to store much.

Not every Ice-O-Matic head unit can pair with every bin offered by the company. Of those that can, some pairs can be made with no need for additional hardware, while others must be fitted with adapter kits to ensure the two fit together properly. A snug fit will keep air from escaping the unit, making sure it runs properly and efficiently. It will also keep out dirt, debris, and pests. It’s important to keep your ice clean, because ice is food and you want your patrons to stay healthy. An ill-fitted ice machine will also cost you points on your heath inspection.

Ice-O-Matic provides a chart of possible head and bin combinations. For combinations that require adapter kits, the model number for the kit will be printed in the corresponding square. Squares with ice cubes designate that the combination requires no adapter kit. ”N/A” designates that the two can’t be paired, and ”N/R” means that the two might function together, but the combination is not recommended by the manufacturer.