Ice-O-Matic: Ice, Pure & Simple

Ice-O-Matic Ice Pure and Simple

There are very few pieces of restaurant equipment that are more vital than your ice maker. You'd think that freezing water into cubes would be a simple process, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case. Ambient heat and bad water can wreak havoc on an ice maker.

With Ice-O-Matic, however, many of those issues can be minimized or eliminated. Their units offer simple controls, unparalleled reliability, models in a number of sizes, several different ice styles, and their evaporators set the industry standard for quality. Most of their products are made in Denver, Colo., and they've made nothing but ice makers for more than 60 years. This focused dedication to one product means you can be sure you're getting quality.

You really can't afford to be without ice for one minute in a busy restaurant, so you really do need an Ice-O-Matic ice machine. No matter what your ice production needs are, these units can meet them.

The Ice-O-Matic Difference

Arguably, what sets Ice-O-Matic apart from the crowd is the attention to detail that goes into the production of their evaporator plates. These plates are nickel-plated and are produced individually for quality. Coolant moves past the evaporator plate via copper tubes that are slightly flattened to increase the surface area of the tube. This structure leads to such renowned dependability that several other ice machine manufacturers look to Ice-O-Matic to make evaporators for them.

Ice-O-Matic machines have chassis that are made of stainless steel, and exteriors made of stainless and a durable, corrosion-resistant plastic. Rather than the slight melting process some manufacturers use, Ice-O-Matic uses a probe-operated harvest assist that knocks the ice loose. This results in drier, better quality ice and less wasted energy.

Ice-O-Matic utilizes top air discharge, meaning all air is vented out the top rather than the sides or the front. This helps keeps the unit from adding as much ambient heat to your kitchen, especially near cooling equipment. These top air discharge works well with ice machine dispensers and don’t require the six inches of clearance other manufacturers' machines need since most of them vent from the sides, front, or back. Their controls are electromechanical, so they are simple to use, easy to service, and cost effective to replace.

AgION® is an antimicrobial compound that is built-in to the surfaces ice is likely to come into contact with. Silver ions provide a natural, environmentally safe barrier that inhibits bacteria and slime fungus. Because the non-toxic agent is built-in to the unit, it will never fail or wear out. Ice-O-Matic also offers their own water filters to ensure clear, clean, tasty ice every time.

Condenser Options

Ice-O-Matic offers both water- and air-cooled condensers in their machines. Water-cooled machines can use less electricity, but they have huge water demands. Ambient temperature won't have such a detrimental effect on a water-cooled machine, however, and these machines are quieter than their air-cooled counterparts.

Air-cooled units, on the other hand, can be installed virtually anywhere there's space, without the need for additional drain and water lines. They tend to be less expensive, too. To make their air-cooled models even simpler to own, Ice-O-Matic has designed theirs so the air filters never have to be replaced.

Whichever type works best for your establishment, Ice-O-Matic has a unit that will meet your needs.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Types

Flake Ice Makers

Light and chewable due to its high ice-to-water ratio, this ice is very popular in hospitals, because patients are much less likely to choke on it. This is also the reason the ice melts quickly, so it may be best suited for blended or mixed drinks, rather than colas or tea that may get watered down. Ultimately, the most popular use for flake ice is in food presentation and preservation. Buffets, salad bars, and fish can be kept fresh and cold easily. Ice-O-Matic offers flake ice makers that will produce between 540 and 2,365 pounds of ice per day.

Cube Ice Maker

The cube Ice-O-Matic ice machine produces the industry standard in ice for restaurants and bars. Flavors are preserved due to the surface area of each cube, which slows melting. Full- and half-sized cubes are available, with the half size being very popular for dispensers. These cubers come in modular units, as well as convenient self-contained models. Smaller modular cube ice makers generate between 349 and 810 pounds of ice daily, while larger units produce between 875 and 1,856. Daily ice production for the undercounter, self-contained ones is between 60 and 365 pounds a day.

Nugget Ice Maker

Ice-O-Matic's take on nugget ice, Pearl Ice®, is a perennial customer favorite for good reason. Its long-lasting, chewable texture makes it dispense easily and blend smoothly, and this type displaces liquid better than others. These ice makers, available in modular or self-contained varieties, or in conjunction with countertop dispensers, are ideal for use in restaurants, convenience stores, and healthcare facilities. The modular ones can produce between 508 and 1,053 pounds of ice per day, and the dispensers can produce 273 and 720 pounds of ice per day. The self-contained unit makes 85 pounds of ice a day.

Gourmet Ice Maker

Gourmet ice cubes can add a certain flare to fine dining, convention events, and receptions. Ice-O-Matic offers itsr gourmet ice cube from a convenient, undercounter unit that produces up to 84 pounds of ice per day. It's a good choice for waitress stations and special events like weddings.

Grande Cube Ice Maker

The Grande Cuber is an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to serve top-of-the-line liquors in finer restaurants and bars. These machines can produce up to 850 pounds of cubes that will melt more slowly and look sophisticated when chilling an aged bourbon. At only 30-inches wide, it is an ideal size to slide into the bar for top-shelf liquor drinks. The newest addition to the Ice-O-Matic line, the Grande Cuber is sure to become popular in its own right.

Water Filters

Hard water is one of the main problems with keeping ice makers up and running. Ice-O-Matic has created technology to help eliminate this problem. Their water filters feature a scale inhibitor that helps suppress the build-up of calcium and other deposits. They are also imbued with activated carbon, which ensures sediment removal, proper taste, and odorlessness. The filters mount to the wall, so they don't eat up valuable space in your kitchen, and their quick-connect fittings make replacement a snap. Single filters can handle up to 1,000 pounds of ice per day, while the double units can filter up to 2,400 pounds per day. Ice-O-Matic even extends their warranty when you purchase a filter at the same time that you buy an ice machine and replace the cartridge every six months, as advised.


Ice-O-Matic offers more than 40 models of cube, nugget, and flake ice makers that have attained an ENERGY STAR rating, so you can choose an efficient unit that gives you just the right ice for your needs. Air-cooling and harvest assist helps keep Ice-O-Matic ENERGY STAR compliant and helps save on operational costs.

Ice-O-Matic is a company that is committed to being as environmentally-friendly as possible. One of its most impactful initiatives is their partnership with American Forests and the Global ReLeaf restoration project, which is committed to planting 150,000 trees across the globe. This will help offset their carbon impact by 465,000 tons. Their dedication to increasing their ENERGY STAR offerings, as well as their environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes – such as zero storm water runoff, wastewater cleaning, recycling, and reduced water usage – you can rest assured that your money is going to a worthy company.